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Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Nights Trail 101

Kelly, Mike, Vince, Mike, Amy, Marta, ME CHEF BILL BAILEY

Tonight's trail run started out really slow we had Jake the turtle leading the pack. Then Vince and Kelly kicked it into high gear and left Mr. Turtle in the dust.
We met at Kendall Lake then head towards the Boyscout Camp. We have a very eclectic group tonight. Vinnie the Shoe Salesman, Me Chef Bill (Playing with Knives & Fire) Mike the Mailman (No web page he's still prefers postcards & telegrams), Mike the Pilot (FitfromFat), Marta (I don't know what she does, I thing insurance or some type of pencil pushing/computer-glaring job.) Amy Tri-Athlete/Artist/Teacher/Humane society volunteer.) Kelly I'm not sure what she does, great trail runner. We ran a great course tonight, I'm hoping we can find it again, lots of obstacles fallen trees, mud (not just any mud that poop smelling mud). Vince wanted to challenge the group and take us off the trail down a cliff then back towards a trail we started on (He also acted like it was planned.)
Here's Stuntman Vince jumping one of three or four trees that were on the trail.
Mike's jump was pretty good I would have like to see a mail bag with the jump, but I think he had mentioned something about being government property and he wasn't allowed to run with it tonight.
VR TRAINING TRAIL 101 COME ON OUT AND GET MUDDY WITH US We wer out for about 55 minutes covering close to 6miles.
After our run Amy said, "I kicked a screw-head." I thought is was some type of slang she was using. "OK, I kicked one too!!" No she's got flippin Screws in her leg!!! YES like titanium metal that bolts her bones together. She must have got chewed up by a dog from the humane society, maybe a fight with a fellow artist...No Rugby injury...YES RUGBY!!! Every now and then she has to bring out the Phillips screwdriver to pop it back into place.

And she runs. She gets out there and runs....Think about that


Anonymous said...

I am hoping to run with you all tomorrow night again! Blogged my 50k race....it was fun!

Anonymous said...

Someone should tell Amy to put a lock washer on that screw or maybe have it upgraded to a rivot.