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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Night Crawler II

Here is the sorry looking group picture from last night. Everyone but Brett was waiting on the very bright flash.
The Night Crawlers
Vince, Nick, Chef Bill (Me), Brett

Brett also had to go geek on me in an email here's what he wrote:
BTW I did the math on last night... according to GPS 7.75 miles... when computing in elevation changes 7.9 miles. So I lost signal on the watch for a minute or two but realistically we did 8.00 miles in 1:25 which is what it felt like.. pretty fast for night trail running especially with the hills.

And last Saturday we hit 9.2mph on our way down the hill point to point... when you correct for elevation changes it comes out to around 10.6mph or a 5:66 mile.

Sorry going geek for a minute.



Trevor Schilling said...


On a random stroll on the net I found your site. Just wanted to send a thanks for keying me in on the Buckeye Trail. I took a trip out there last night and am very thankful I did! I started at the Boston Store and headed towards Boston Mills skiing (sorry I cant call it a resort). I dove onto the buckeye trail right after I crossed riverview and right away knew I was in for a treat. I did 7 or 8 miles going down past blue hen falls. I had one question for you, which hill do you call initiation hill? I also named a few of the hills as I went along, the first was heartbreak, the second was I have to climb again? The third was oh sh*t, and the stairs were who the hell built these stupid stairs and why do they lean to the left about 1/2 way up. Thanks for pics and good luck in training. -Trevor

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, when I started this blog I thought I would be the only one looking at it.
Initiation Hill was named by Vince Rucci (Onwer of Vertical Runner). If your in the parking lot of Lock 29, go back out to the road then turn left towards the Lumber yard. Turn right into the parking lot then passed the red gate that blocks an unsed road..the head up, up, up. Turn left at the top of the hill you'll head toward Boston Store on the Buckeeye Trail. I'll post some pictures later.

trevor said...


I found the blog through the Vertical Runner Website, not exactly sure how I got there!

I'll be sure to check out Initiation Hill as well as the many other hills in the National Forest. I think my days of running the metroparks might be over (I live in Brunswick/ rt 303 so Hinkley Reservation and the Strongville portion of the Brecksville Res are my normal running routes).

I couldn't help to think as I was running last night how great it will be mtn bike the trails in Sept. for the BigValley Race (I come from an Adventure Racing background). Anyway keep the posts coming, see you out on the trails!