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Monday, March 31, 2008

Blogslacking again

Here I go again I've been blogslacking again. I'm still training from MI Trail Marathon & Cleveland Marathon. Not as hard as I need too, I've been busy. I didn't get to run this pasted weekend because of catering gig & Sat night had a tooth ache that keep me up most of the night. That's why I didn't get to run on Sunday. A key to running 15+ miles is sleep/rest. PURE FUEL orders are rolling in from all over the country. California, Virgina, two from New Jersey. Temps are perfect for trail running. My plan is to head out later to run the Gorge.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What the hell was I thinking...

Thursday March 13, 2008
I saw a post on Vertical Runner message board about a group going out last weekend to run the Winter Buckeye Trail Route. Someone asked about trail conditions. I thought I would change my running plans to go checkout the trails. I haven't heard any chatter about anyone running the trails since the big snow storm. I left a response stating I would get a report on trail conditions.
I found two sets of tracks going into Pine Lane Trailhead.
The first set was from the deer (who live here), the second was a hiking boot. I didn't spot any trail shoes track. The snow was still deep in spots hard to move in I averaged about 12-14 min/miles.
This is normally a small trickle with some rocks to cross over.
My option was to climb over on this tree.
I describe this run like running in a 7/11 slushy machine. The trails were wet and slushy.
After soaking my feet in Buckeye Slushy Machine, I decided the towpath back to Lock 29. I thought I can't wait to get to the towpath, something runnable...It was a mess. It took me almost 2 hour to run 7 miles.
The best part of my run....I sat next to the raging Cuyahoga snacking on a PURE FUEL ORGANIC ENERGY BAR.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Road to No Where

My vision of this mornings run was an Arctic Hell. Dragging my Montrails strapped with Gators through the mounds of snow. As my snow dog, Monet, snuggled closer to my snoring wife as if to say, "Don't even think about asking me to run with you." I got myself up dressed made my way out to....Well I didn't have a plan, just find a clear path somewhere in the neighborhood. We cancelled the Sat AM long run, and Sunday I ended up at the Shamrock 15k promoting PURE FUEL . My weekly mileage was only 11 miles. Got to get back on track with my training. Hopefully with the time change I can have more opportunity to run in the morning and definitely in the evening. I want to start up the Night Crawler Trail run again. The Night Crawler run is an hour and a half trail run that starts at 9:00pm. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thurs @ The NAT

Thursday was a run at the NAT. Kids in Kid Castle, and I ran 5 miles around the track in 40 minutes.

Vince & I are planning a road trip to a cool trail marathon in Michigan. The Grand Island Trail Marathon July 26, 2008 Munising MI
It's in a series of Michigan trail race for this summer in upper Michigan.
An Eco-friendly event with features such as waste free aid stations, local & organic foods, biocompostable dinnerware, organic cotton shirts, awards crafted by local artist.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Trying to get back on track with my training. What a great evening for running. I ran to Glen's & the Gorge from my house once Jen got home from work. I was going to wear my Garmin, but it wasn't working. I thought it was broken. When I got back I placed it back on the charger and it charged up again. Maybe I left it on or something. Electronics & I don't get along very well.

The trails were awesome, nice and muddy. Most of the ice melted, the air had a cool/warm feel to it. When I would run pass some of the caves, and the river it was cool. Then once I would get into the middle of the woods it was warm. I didn't take my headlamp so I needed to get my run in before dark.
This route is about 6 miles.
I'll be back out here later in the week...If it's not to icy, we are suppose to get some freezing rain this week.


Some guys accomplish there business deals and meetings on the golf course. Runners perform business deal on the trail or on the road.
I met with Toby Sunday morning to review a project he's going to help PURE FUEL with. We were going to start from the Memorial parkway towpath (across the street from HPL) to the Mustill Store. When we park we thought it would be to icy to run the Towpath. We decided to drive down the street and run Riverview Rd.
We headed north towards Boston Store then turn and ran back.
8 Miles there & back. I didn't get a time. I think we were running a 10 min./mile.

Thank Toby!!!

Jim Klett Route

I haven't ran since Sunday...Trying to get back on track here.
We ran the Jim Klett route. I start out running with Nick V. He's still recovering from a back injury. His plan was to run the 12 mile course with us but turn around after 5 to get in a 10 mile run. I could up with Pete and ran the rest of the route with him.
12 miles on the dot!!! 2:06.