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Monday, March 31, 2008

Blogslacking again

Here I go again I've been blogslacking again. I'm still training from MI Trail Marathon & Cleveland Marathon. Not as hard as I need too, I've been busy. I didn't get to run this pasted weekend because of catering gig & Sat night had a tooth ache that keep me up most of the night. That's why I didn't get to run on Sunday. A key to running 15+ miles is sleep/rest. PURE FUEL orders are rolling in from all over the country. California, Virgina, two from New Jersey. Temps are perfect for trail running. My plan is to head out later to run the Gorge.

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Brett S. said...

Forget about the blog but don't miss the running... Ran by VR, picked up the bars, and signed up for the Cleveland half.

See you on Sat at the race for the orphans.