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Monday, September 28, 2009

Akron Marathon Results

Bill Bailey #134
Cuyahoga Falls, OHAge: 42 Gender: M
Clock Time
Chip Time

Overall Place
677 / 1431
Gender Place
524 / 982
Division Place
86 / 141
3 5M
9 2M

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Akron Marathon Bullet Points

  • This was my 4th Akron Marathon.
  • I dedicated this Akron Marathon run in memory of Charles D. Ledbetter. I pinned his picture to my shirt. At the start I said, "Come Chuck we're going for a 4 hour ride."
  • My brother-in-law Jason was suppose to come up from S.C. and run with me, but didn't make it up.
  • I signed Jen up for text message results to track my progress.
  • Arrived at the start at 5:30am
  • Drive up with Mike Keller.
  • My friend Robert Gurney, an old school mate was working there driving the SAG WAGON. I haven't seen him in 20+ years. Good seeing you Gurney!!!
  • Met Brett in the gathering tent and chatted.
  • E-Speed joined us for some pre-race chatting. She paced the 3:40 group.
  • Met VR Group and others from facebook for an early morning picture in front of St. Bernard Church.
  • CROWDED!!! Very crowded, I think the most I've ever see in the 4 years.
  • I carried my own fuel for the 1st. 6 miles.
  • I tried staying with the 4 hr. pace group, but I felt the pace wasn't consistent. I don't want to harp on this but last years pace was steady.
  • I caught up to Beth (or she could up to me) we ran a little through Firestone Park then she caught up with the 4hr. group.
  • Melissa was at Garfield waiting on her dad so she ran a block with me.
  • Saw my friend from Firestone Park...He is now Detective Pat Hunt (Sheriff Dept.). He was blocking traffic for us...Thanks Detective Hunt!!!
  • I was pushed by a RELAY (I'll be nice) DUDE. I yelled out some nice flowery words that were fitting for this section of Firestone Park (I wish the relay teams had another course to run. There are to many relay runners pushing, bumping, stopping, walking for the Marathon course).
  • Brett's family was at the end of the towpath waiting to cheer Brett on...Hi Guys!!!
  • Sand Run was OK I was still on track for 4:05ish
  • Same place every year...I fell apart in West Akron near the School.
  • I had to walk Garmin Hill this year.
  • I didn't get back into a groove until I hit Market street.
  • My Bib read...CHEFBILL ...a few people were yelling CHIEF BILL
  • Market Street seemed longer this year. My whole body ached running down this hill.
  • I look up ahead and found Beth. She stopping right before the turn on Main St because of cramping. I grabbed her and ran with her to the finish.
  • Unofficial time 4:17:01. It's not sub-four but it's still a good time for a salvaged training schedule.
  • NEXT UP COLUMBUS OCT. 18, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009


The buzz at this years Akron Marathon, to me, has been different. Different in a good way. With the help of Facebook it has been more exciting. Even my non-running friends are on board this year. Wishing me luck, and commenting about the race. I love when they ask the infamous questions, "So how far is THIS marathon?" I've been nice, "This only is 26.2 miles."

My first Marathon was Akron and I dedicated the run to my wife Jen. She put up with my crazy training schedule, shelling out money for shoes, socks & other gear, and dragging the kids to the finish line to cheer me on. Since then I've dedicated a race to different people who have some meaning in my life. Last year is was my dog Sara who pasted away during one of my training runs on the blueline. I remember the call as if where yesterday. I was on over by the Polymer Building on the campus of AU, My wife asked, "Can you come home?" I race as fast as I could back to Canal Park were my car was park.

This year I'm dedicating my run to Charles D. Ledbetter. He is the father of my long time friends Rick & Wendy Ledbetter. Rick & I have been friends since the first grade. I lost touch with him for about 15-20 years then with the power of FACEBOOK I found him! I found out his father was dying and Rick had a chance to see and say goodbye one last time. Charles passed away about a month ago.
After Akron I will be training on the Perkins Trail loop gearing up for BILLS' BAD ASS 50K. I do have Columbus to run so I have to mix some roads into my training. I'll like to see if I can set a new PR at Columbus (current is 3:57 from Akron). The BAD ASS 50K I'll like to get close to 6 hours.
I just saw the Run For Regis winter 50K in ready. I'll run that for my Birthday (Tanya save me bib # 43).
I have one more secret plan up my sleeve for Feb. 2010. I'll keep you posted....

Monday, September 21, 2009


I think I'm ready.
I don't think I'm ever 100% sure of any race. I'm always doubting myself, or saying things I should have...could have done different in preparation for the race.
There is no doubt that I will be at the starting line this Saturday morning prepping myself to run with the 4:00/hr. pace group. This will be my 4th Akron Marathon, which means I have to run next year to get 5 in a row.


In the spirit of ultrarunning, Chef Bill Bailey and Wild Bill Wagner will be hosting a FatAss 50k run on November 14th, 2009. This run will take place at the Covered Bridge on Everett Road in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The BadAss FatAss run will start at 8:00 am with no entry fee but you will still get some swag!Since Wild Bill happens to be in the shirt business, he will be giving each finisher a free technical running shirt, as long as you let him know your shirt size and that you will be running the FatAss before Halloween (10/31/09).

Chef Bill, who happens to be in the cooking business will be there to satisfy your appetite with loads of good food.This BadAss FatAss 50k, will be six 5 mile loops of the Perkins/Riding Run Trail with the last mile up the steps to the top of Oak Hill. That’s it! No hills, no mud, no roots, no rocks, no water crossings, and the weather should be perfect in mid November.

Is that all you got?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes more blogslacking. I've been busy.
It's almost time for Akron Marathon. My new shoes arrived in the mail yesterday, so I'm ready to run. I've got a busy week this week my long run will most likely come on Sunday after noon.
Wild Bill & I are working on a Perkins Trail Run that we will run in November. We are still working on details, I'll post them later.

I've been trying to fight with thoughts in my head...What's next? Keep training and run a 50 miler (2010) then a 100 miler (2011) or train to run Boston.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

15 20 weekend run

Well it's Tuesday already. My plan is to run 5-7 on roads this evening. Wed. I have a busy evening so I'll run 5-6 Wed. early AM.

I had a great weekend which I have to say started Thursday. Thursday night trail with the Crooked River Trail Group. We ran Oak Hill 4.5 miles.
Friday was an afternoon trail run with Wild Bill, Maria, and Nancy (bill's friend). We ran Perkins Trail, Oak Hill and another trail (I'm not sure of the name)...ended up with 15 miles.
Sat. Am was the Blue Line Training Run 19.35 miles.

Monday, August 31, 2009

What are you Running From?

The title comes from a facebook non-running friend. What, or why are you running... Why not?

Today I calculated last weeks mileage and came up with a 50 mile week. I wasn't trying it just happened. I wanted to run the RWS course (26.2 miles) I had some time to kill Sat afternoon and ended up running 6 miles. Wed. morning I could sleep and was up a 4 am so I went running in the rain and bagged 6 miles.

Today I ran 9 miles of the Blue Line. I started at the Mustill Store and ran South to Firestone Park, to Garfield High then back toward Akron U & downtown Akron.

Highlights from my run:
1. Lost my phone...fell out of my pocket somewhere...
2. I bet I smoked a cig from all the second hand smoke I inhaled today.
3. passed a guy token on some pot. YES SMOKING WEED WALKING DOWN MAIN STREET!!!
4. ran a 6.something last mile booking down Howard Street.
5. The new Akron U Stadium looks Awesome!!!
6. The Park look the same...

Today was my commitment to a 50 miler. I'll look again at Slime Pickins, but defiantly Mohican 50 miler in June 2010.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back into the groove

If I had a dime for every time I've said, "I'm back into the groove." I'd could hire someone to run for me. Here I am saying it again..."I'm getting back into the groove."

I ran 17 miles of the Akron Blue Line with Kirt O', Bill Billock, Don Holtapple, and Brett Shriver.
We started at mile 18ish (Sandrun Parkway & Revere Rd) I liked this start until we had to climb up sandrun hill...grueling...

I'd like to run an ultra this year I only had 13 miles of the Winter BT. I'm thinking Slim Pickins. Why, Well It's a FA, so it's cheap. If I can't go I don't loose any money. I'll have a good training base after running Akron & Columbus, and it's cheap...

I just read that Roy will have a Running With Scissors Training run Aug. 30th. The course will cover 26.2 miles. I think I may try and run this.

Mike Keller & I are working on another Indian run. 2 years ago we ran a 25 mile Indian landmark run that cover Cuyahoga Falls to the Valley then to Fairlawn. I'll post details later...

Southern Ohio Tour

Last week was vacation week with the Family in Southwest Ohio. Our first stop was Washington Courthouse OH, to visit some friends. Very cool place, soybean & corn country. I had an opportunity to run "around the block"...5 miles... After my 5 mile run I took our dog out for a 1 mile run.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

100 miles of recovery

Thanks to Brian Musick I have a new ultra plan for this year. The only ultra I have for 2009 is the 13 mile of the BT winter run. It was a miserable day, the trails were very snow and honestly I wasn't prepared for a 50k. I ran an easy 7 miles with Brian last night. It was his first run after his dramatic finish the Burning River 100. We headed over to happy days at 8:15pm. Brian said he felt good for his first run. We reminisced about the BR100 course and how he felt at mile 75 inside Happy Days. We headed over to the overlook for a glimpse of the spectacular sunset, and neither of us packed a camera. I did however pack my headlamp and with fresh recharged batteries I was ready for some night trail running...so I thought...I turned on my lamp and got a weak light beam. WTF? These are recharged fresh batteries...Luckily Brian has a super beam light. I still crashed and scrapped my elbow.

On our way back to the parking lot we were talking about the different FA's in the upcoming ultra schedule. I'm thinking of running Laurel Lake's FA in November there's a few NEO Trail unltra FA's I'm going to look at running. With Akron and Columbus Marathons under my belt, and keeping up my training I think I should be in good shape to finish.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Panic Switch Trails

I decided it's time to blog again. I took a little hiatus AKA "Blogslacking" because I was board with writing the same old thing about the same old trails, course, and races that I've been running. I'll try to put a different spin on my blogs. You'll still find the bold, raw in your face shocking comments (maybe about you), but in Chef Bill Bailey Style. If you want to read a race report there's other bloggers that you can turn to that do a much better job than me.

You'll see me again this year at the Akron Marathon. I'll be running with my brother-in-law Jason. No goal, but I'm a believer in starting with a pace group so we will start with the 4:00 hr. group then we'll see what happens. After this year I'll take a break from Akron, I'd like to run something different in 2010.

I'm also registered for The Columbus Marathon. I was register last year, but had other obligations and could run. This will be my first year for Columbus full marathon.

That's it I was going to run Bobcat Trail Marathon but I have a catering gig and can't run. I have zero 50k's/ultras this year, next year I want to shoot for a 50 miler, maybe Mohican.

Cool Video shot with my kids in CVNP Tree Farm Trail

Check it out....

Post Note: I guess when I downloaded all my photos to a zipstick they come off my blog. opps...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday AM

I had another sleepless nights, I tossed & turned, just couldn't get to sleep. 4am rolled around and the birds started to sing. This was my que to get up and to a North Hill Run. Grabbed my ipod, headlamp and was on the road by 5am. Nice morning not to muggy, no rain, no wind. I ran to the Y-bridge & back. 11 miles (1:53). I almost took Howard Street Hill back, but at the last minute changed my mind.

Tomorrow will be 8-10 miles with Mike Keller. We will head out @ 5:30am and hit the gorge.

J Christ Thursday Night Run...Aaaaamen!!!!

Before I blog about Jim Christ’s Thursday Night Trail Run, I want to clear up a few questions.

1. Is this a trail run for beginners? YES!! If you have be training and can run up to 60-90 minutes (5 or more), you’re ready for the trails.
2. Will I get lost? No Jim’s objective is to have everyone stay together. This is achieved by stopping at trail intersections, walking the hills and Jim & other runners will run slower runners back to the pack.
3. Will there be Veteran/ fast runners there? Maybe, but Jim encourages the veterans to introduce yourself to the new trail runners, run with them, and give some trail advice.

Picture this….
You just got off work, you got your favorite tunes blaring on the stereo, You’re going to meet the boys at Lock 29 and peddle out a nice hard ride on the towpath, then head over to the lizard for a few beers. Then you find out your that you left the key to your bike rack at work. No riding….What do you do? A) Go back to work and get your key. B) Head over to the Lizard and see how many beer you can chug before your buddies are back from the bike ride. C) Run trails with the strangers in the parking lot. Phil picked C. We recruited Phil to come run with us. We had 15 runners for the run. Real easy 6.44 mile run Lock 29 to Boston then back to Lock 29 on the Buckeye trail (Pine Lane). After our run we stopped by the Winking Lizard and watch a horrible Tribe game and an Awesome Cavs game. We also eat some food, and drank beer...Well I drank coke.

Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera. I’ll bring it next week.
If you’re looking for a brake from the road or new to trail running come out and get muddy with us.
Notes from Chef Bill:
· Eat your veggies!!!!
· If you are new to trail running even though it’s 60-90 minutes, bring water.
· If you are a veteran trail/road runner here’s a great second run for the day. Run hard in the morning then come join us for a nice easy trail run to add more mileage to your week.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tow Path Mayhem

Satuarday Morning was a 12 mile run from Lock 29 on the towpath. I met Nick Villanti, Brett Shriver, Melissa (whatever her last name is now), Brian, and Mike Keller.

Our Beautiful Cuyahoga River
Our conversation quickly moved to Melissa's Pants...We asked if she was going skiing, a memeber of MC Hammers dance group, and some unblogable comments were also made.

We headed south on the Towpath and a ran 12 mile Out & Back. The group quickly split up Mike cut it short with a 6 mile run. Brian what more speed and head back with a faster pace group.

Here is Brett, Nick Melissa and me (Chef Bill)
Nick Villanti
Brett Shriver

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cheese & Crackers I'm just dust in the wind...

Friday Night I joined Nick Billock, Brian Musick, Courtney Baker and Chris, for a night run in CVNP. We ran from Boston Store to Snowville and back(roughly 10 miles). You can read Brian & Nick's blog for details about the run. Brain & Nick ran for another hour after getting back to Boston Store. I was going to go with them, but I didn't want to push it to fast. Plus I ran 6 miles Sat. AM with Nick V.

Last Monday was the 6 mile Call Farm route.
Sunday I ran my 7 mile Silver Lake Route. Windy day.

This week Nick V. & I will run 6 miles Call Farm on Tues.
Wed. AM will be 6 mile Hudson Route with Dr. Steve & Nick.
Thurs. plans are to run to the Gorge/Glenns with Mike Keller in the evening.
Sat. AM busy day volunteering at the 4 mile Race For the Orphans For Race Director Nick Villanti. Then I'm off to prep for Palm Sunday Brunch. I'm hoping I get to run sometime that day.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm back to a regular running schedule now.
Monday ran Call Farm (4 miles) with Nick V.
Wed. Hudson (6 miles) with Nick V. & Dr. Steve
Sat. AM Pine Lane (8 Miles) with Mike Keller
Sunday Highbridge/Glenns/Gorge (9 Miles) with Melissa
27 for the week

Today 6 miles Call Farm run with Nick V.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Buckeye Trail Winter Run For Regis

Boy what a day.
I know I wasn't ready for this. My training has slipped away to the reality of life (Work & Family). I ran a little less than 13 miles on the 50K loop. The elements took a toll on me and the other runners. The flakes were flying, we plowed through the course, the snow never did get packed down like we thought. It was like running on loose sand. I was glad to get out of pine lane and get a bowl of chili.

Now my thoughts are focused on trying to get my training schedule back...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buckeye Trail Winter Run For Regis 2009

Here is edited version #1

I will have another version with more pictures and credits to follow.

If you have any pictures I can use please email them to me


Friday, January 9, 2009

Lunch Time Trail Run

Ran 7 miles today. I was joined by Traci. Everyone else must be up to their eyeballs in paperwork.
We ran Gorge/Highbridge/Glens...

Lunch time runs will be Wendsdays and Fridays and some Mondays.
(Most Monday runs will be a 6 mile 5:15am Call Farm route in Stow...email me if you want to join us)
Distance will be 6-9 miles. Some roads but would like to stick to trails.
Starting time: 12:30pm
Starting location will be somewhere near Downtown Cuyahoga Falls. Look for the post on the VR message board.