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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Fist Full Of Nails And No Hammer

Thursday I changed my schedule and planned to run 8 miles of pine lane. My wife pulled in the drive I chatted for a minute grabbed my gear and head out. I drove barefoot and planned to put my shoes on when I got the Lock 29. You know where this is going...Yes, I forgot to grab my trail shoes. I had to go back home, so I decided to run to Glens & Highbridge ended up with 6.78 mins. with New Merrell Trail Shoe.

Friday 4:45am
Met Nick V. at my house and we ran my "To GOJO & Back" route. 13.5 miles.

Nathan Adkins, Mark Anson, Cindy Antenucci, Jamie Atkinson, Courtney Baker, Rick Barnhart
Jennifer Begue, Mack Bell, Andrea Berninger, Nick Billock, Damon Blackford, Starshine Blackford, Todd Blackledge, Melissa Bolgrin, Kyle Bowman, Barbara Broad, John Brogan,
Patrick Brogan, Brent Bucey, Brett Buffa, Jeff Burke, Dustin Burkholder, John Burns, Tanya
Cady, John Cairns, Melissa Cairns, Jamie Carr, David Case, Bob Cassill, Mark Cecil, Jim Chaney,
Bob Clark, Dave Coffee, Peter Cooper, Beth Coyne, Robyn Cutler, Jeff Darling, Ronald Dee, Doug
Delahanty, Suzanne Deming, Ron Demyan, Kathleen Dickson, Nancy Dillon, Chris Dolan, Michael
Donnelly, Frank Duchossois, Helen Dunbar, Greg Dykes, Janet Edwards, Jennifer Erhardt, Mike
Erhardt, Steve, Gary Fell, James Fisher, Patrick Fisher, Shannon Fisher, Laura Flachbart, Denise Flores, Running Fool, Shannon Francis Brayer, Ted Friedman, Mark Gallagher, Mike
George, Jean Gerstein, Debi Glinsek, Mark Godale, Steve Godale, Pamela Goldfarb, Ed Goubeaux, Ann Graney, Kristi Gunyula, Mike Halkovich, Carla Hamilton, Laura Hammer,
Steven Hammer, Elizabeth Hansen, Jim Harris, TJ Hawk, Aaron Hawkins, Steve Hawthorne, Robert Haywood, Maria Healy, Roy Heger, Carson Heiner, Rick Henderson, Tom Henterly,
Andrea Hill, Karl Hiltner, Brett Himes, Bill Hofeldt, Don Holtzapple, Wyatt Hornsby, Brandon
Huff, Gerald Hurd, Melanie Irvine, Dave Jenosko, Julie Jenson, Melissa Johnson, Zachary
Johnson, Joe Jurczyk, Jeff Kassouf, Michael Kazar, Robert Kazar, Chris Kellis, Steve King, Douglas Klein, David Klimas, Gary Klubnik, David Koch, Gerri Kornblut, Stephan Kremer,
Jay Layshock, Kam Lee, Paul Lefelhocz, Leo Lightner, Mark Loeper, Lindsey Loftus, Susan
Louis, Dawn Malone, Bill Mann, Mark marshalek, Kevin Martin, Timothy McGinity, Bruce
McMurray, Marty McPeak, Scott Miller, matt Minichillo, Lawence Mino, Matt Mistor,
Sean Mooney, Stephen Morris, Greg Murray, Brian Musick, Bob Neiderman, Paul Neugebauer
Rose Nicastro, Joec Novicky, Kurt Osadchuk, Sarah Ostrowski, Samuel Pak, Brian Passell,
Mark Paul, Matt Pazderak, Robert Pekare, Kim Penzone, Pete Penzone, David Peterman
Joe Petkac, Carl Phillips, Suzanne Pokorny, Brad Polman, John Pope, Rob Powell, Cory Reichert,
Tom Reilley, Andrew Riggins, Patty Roberts, J. Paul Romanic, John Ropar, Ronald Ross,
Brandon Russell, John Russell, Amy Sage, Joe Salwan, Derrick Schuring, Matt Shaheen,
Ryan Shoemaker, Brett Shriver, matthew Sidel, Paul Siegferth Jr., IJ Skalsky, Elizabeth
Sosan, George Themelis, Allen Thomas, Llyod Thomas, Hannnah Thompson, Mitch Thompson,
Kellie Truesdell, Jeff Ubersax, Sean Wade, Melissa Ward, Brook Warehime, Valerie Watson,
Gareth Webley, Suzanne Weigand, Jim Weiskittel, David Williams, Jay Williams, Rich Wisneski,
Scott Woodruff, Beth Woodward, John Young, Brian Zele

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chugging Coffee with A Heart Surgeon

Wednesday 4:45am
Met Nick at the Hudson Clock tower and ran a 4 mile loop through town. We finished up our run with a 6 mile run with Dr. Steve. Total 10 miles.
Changing plans for the next two days...I'm going to an 8 mile trail run for thurs. pm then run 14 miles with Nick V. Friday early am. surgeon

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing hide-n-seek with alzheimer

Sat. I met Nick Billock at Pine Hollow at 5am to run 6 mile trail route.
I was whipped. I didn't have any energy.
Sunday I took the day off. Went to Crystal Lake with the Family.
Monday was a 5:30 am Call Farm run with Nick V. 6 mile road route.
Tuesday Nick V. met at my house for a 6 mile run to Glens & Gorage Trail. (NEW MERRELL SHOES) I'm going to keep track of my miles on my new shoes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


A great turn out for this years Muddy Paws event. Race director Vince Rucci, owner/operator of Vertical Runner in Hudson OH, organized the event. Proceeds benefit the Greater Akron Human Society. Lots of dogs (and humans) socializing, There were approx. 300 people show up to run two, five and ten mile loops around the beautiful Little Meadows/Pine Hollow trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Here is a link to photos: MUDDY PAWS 2008 Picture Gallery
Picture taken by Chef Bill Bailey.
ARE YOU READY!!!!! "Can't Quit Until You Try" (SIXX AM)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Running with the Nicks

I was all set for my run Wednesday Morning with Nick V. in Hudson. My clothes we laid out, garmin charged, alarm set...Nick called at 5:30am "Where are you at man?" The alarm was set but not turned on. I tossed back over and went back to sleep. I've said before, "It's easier to talk yourself out of running (or any exercise) than talk yourself into running." Especially when your trying to get up really early in the morning. The other saying is "If it was easy everyone would be doing it."
I made up for my morning run Wednesday evening. Nick B. met me at my house and I took him to the Gorge. We ran Glens, Highbridge/Signal Tree, and the Gorge trails. He's jealous because I have these trails so close to my house. We covered 11 miles. We also ran to the finish line of the Burning River 100.

Thursday am Nick V. met me at my house and I took him on my 7 mile loop around Silver Lake. Nice run, slow pace which I was OK with. Plans for my second run of the day was sideline because Jen (my wife) was home sick. I was PIC (Parent In Charge) while she recouped. The kids & I ended up at the Akron Zoo all day. FYI: If you drive down the road behind the Zoo, I think its Perkin St, Look to your Left. Yes those are Blue Blazes on the telephone poles. It's part of the Buckeye Trail.

Friday AM my dreams were shattered by voices from the outside. The flippin papperboy..er dude was yelling out house address to his driver. Once I got back to sleep our dog, Monet was barking in code telling me to get up and look at what she left for me by the backdoor. luckily it was just a little wet. So it's 4am I'm up know...I through on my running gear and headed out for a 5 mile run. 11 miles later I was back home, very thirsty.

Sat. AM is Muddy Paws Nick B. & I are going to get there early 5am run for 45-1 hour then help out with the race and I'll be selling PURE FUEL BARS.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Green Lakes Endurance 50K

I found another 50K to run, it's in Syracuse/ Fayetteville New York. August 24, 2008 it's about 5-6 hour drive. I talked Mr. Rucci to go with me ( I need someone to make fun of on the way up) we're going to head up Sat. Aug. 23 the day before the race. I pulled this description from their website.

The Course
The 12.5 km course has a varied trail surface. Two ascents and one long descent traverse the upland forest. These steep shaded trails have some roots, ruts, and stones. The trails in the upper meadows are mostly grassy, rolling, and unshaded. The meadows are referred to as the Serengeti. Each lap's 4 miles of running in the Serengeti can make for a challenging summer ultra if Mother Nature offers a warm sunny day. The lake trails are shaded, have a few roots and are generally flat. Overall, the course lends itself to quick running without technical hikes.
Race start is the only time the runners will pass by the right side of the building. The runners will enter the main aid station and run around the left side of the building on each subsequent lap.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


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Micheal George Planned a BR100 night run from Happy Days to River Falls Plaza (BR100 Finish Line.) After several e-mail, planning and changes; we were able to get on our way with two groups. The first group starting at 3:30pm from Happy Days and the second starting at 7:00pm from the covered bridge. I ran with group one so I could finish up at the finish and run home.
The original message post said the run would be 35 miles, but after recalculating the mileage ended up being 31. I was looking forward to the 35 miles, because that would give me the most I've ever ran. I've ran 2 50k's, so I want to see how I'd do with a 35 mile run. I parked my car at Merrimen Rd. & Portage Path to serve as an aid station. I drove down then ran 5 miles back home to give me extra miles for the day.

Brian, Cortney, & Nick Climbing the Sound Of Music Hill near Pine Hollow.

Hale Farm

Hale farm cow

Group one started with Jim, Rich, Cortney, Brian, Nick. Brian & Cortney split from the group and ran back to Happy Days. Jim was also filming sections of the course for the BR100 website. Jim had a plan of 14 minute mile pace so he could document the course and meet the second group on time. We met up with Group Two here. Mike, Brandon, Melissa 1, Melissa 2, Kurt, Jerry,Susan, Connie, and a few others. (Nick took a group picture I'll post later). Nick wasn't feeling up to par and started walking more and more of the course. I stayed back with him to make sure he was ok.
Nick's Blog RUNNING THE RACE STE BEFORE ME has more pictures and his story about the run.
Corn will be good this year..."Knee high by the fourth of July."
We beat the train across the tracks.

Posted by PicasaCortney lost her shoe in the mud.
Once we got to Merrimen Towpath it started to get dark. Once on the tow path I was running very slow, last one in the pack. We walked up Uler Street then made our way to Signal Tree trail head. I caught up the Nick and he was back to walking. I told Jim to take the group and not to wait, I was on familiar grounds to make it back to the finish. We made it out of Signal Tree & Highbridge trail. We opted out of running Glens trail and made our way back to the finish running up Front Street. Nick made his was to his car and I headed back home with 36 miles for the day and 31 miles in 7:01.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday Run 4/3/2008

I didn't plan to run to far on Thursday, so I ran down to Glen's & Gorge Trail. The last leg of the Burning River 100.

Looks like a nice run in these pictures, and it was...but it rained the whole time I was running.

Me running towards the Gorge trailhead.
I didn't get a picture of the falls this time. There was a Major down pour and didn't want my camera to get wet.

This is a smaller waterfall. inside the gorge. Ran 6 miles, I'm getting ready to run 30+ Sat. evening. I think I found a 50K to run, August 24 in New York. I'll blog about it later.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Water Stop

It's hot out there, are you staying hydrated? I thought I'd take this picture of all the hydration equipment I have for running. Last summer I ventured out on a mid-day run. It was hot...I remember sucking down over 100 oz. of water in two hours.
I see so many people running around without water or sports drink. I can't (and won't) do it. I've ran to many miles on empty I'll stick to my "Sherpa Pack". My new pack is the 50 oz. Camelbak.
Need info on staying hydrated? http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/hydration-key-to-exercise-success


We're on a roll...Nick V. & I have been meeting regularly early a.m. to get in our weekday runs. It's working, knowing I have to meet someone helps me get up. Just get my butt out of bed at 4:45am, paint some paste on my teeth, stumble through the dark rooms to find all my gear and out the door by 5:10 AM.

We met at Vertical Runner in Hudson and ran a six mile loop through town & Hudson Springs Park.
The park consists of two miles of trail around a 50 acre lake. Wildlife, including ducks, geese, fox, deer, heron, owls and hawks.

This morning we met with Dr. Steve, who is a cardiologist at one of the area hospitals. If your going to run with a doctor run with a heart doctor....Just in case...Right?

Thanks Guys, See you next Wednesday AM. If you find yourself up a 4am with nothing to do, come join us for a run.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Call Farm Run

Stow Township
Most of us only get a small glimpse of Stow OH when we travel Rt. 59. I met Nick V. at his house in Stow for our 5am run. Nick lives in a neighborhood that was once farmed corn, rye and wheat. Call farm was one of the earliest homesteads in Stow, Ohio. Its history goes back nearly 200 years. The land has been primarily under the sole ownership of the Call family.
We headed out on a 6 mile run through Nick's Neighborhood. Once we ran out of Call Farm Development, we traveled back in time to the scene (& smells)of farmlands. Although it was was broken up from time to time with an apartment building or a car buzzing passed us. For the most part the scene was beautiful. The temperature was in the 50's, the sun was on the rise, the cool air created a foggy mist over the grassy field.
We even came across a rooster waking up a farm. I said to Nick this morning, "The hardest part about running in the early mornings is putting your shoes on."