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Friday, July 11, 2008

Running with the Nicks

I was all set for my run Wednesday Morning with Nick V. in Hudson. My clothes we laid out, garmin charged, alarm set...Nick called at 5:30am "Where are you at man?" The alarm was set but not turned on. I tossed back over and went back to sleep. I've said before, "It's easier to talk yourself out of running (or any exercise) than talk yourself into running." Especially when your trying to get up really early in the morning. The other saying is "If it was easy everyone would be doing it."
I made up for my morning run Wednesday evening. Nick B. met me at my house and I took him to the Gorge. We ran Glens, Highbridge/Signal Tree, and the Gorge trails. He's jealous because I have these trails so close to my house. We covered 11 miles. We also ran to the finish line of the Burning River 100.

Thursday am Nick V. met me at my house and I took him on my 7 mile loop around Silver Lake. Nice run, slow pace which I was OK with. Plans for my second run of the day was sideline because Jen (my wife) was home sick. I was PIC (Parent In Charge) while she recouped. The kids & I ended up at the Akron Zoo all day. FYI: If you drive down the road behind the Zoo, I think its Perkin St, Look to your Left. Yes those are Blue Blazes on the telephone poles. It's part of the Buckeye Trail.

Friday AM my dreams were shattered by voices from the outside. The flippin papperboy..er dude was yelling out house address to his driver. Once I got back to sleep our dog, Monet was barking in code telling me to get up and look at what she left for me by the backdoor. luckily it was just a little wet. So it's 4am I'm up know...I through on my running gear and headed out for a 5 mile run. 11 miles later I was back home, very thirsty.

Sat. AM is Muddy Paws Nick B. & I are going to get there early 5am run for 45-1 hour then help out with the race and I'll be selling PURE FUEL BARS.

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