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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Micheal George Planned a BR100 night run from Happy Days to River Falls Plaza (BR100 Finish Line.) After several e-mail, planning and changes; we were able to get on our way with two groups. The first group starting at 3:30pm from Happy Days and the second starting at 7:00pm from the covered bridge. I ran with group one so I could finish up at the finish and run home.
The original message post said the run would be 35 miles, but after recalculating the mileage ended up being 31. I was looking forward to the 35 miles, because that would give me the most I've ever ran. I've ran 2 50k's, so I want to see how I'd do with a 35 mile run. I parked my car at Merrimen Rd. & Portage Path to serve as an aid station. I drove down then ran 5 miles back home to give me extra miles for the day.

Brian, Cortney, & Nick Climbing the Sound Of Music Hill near Pine Hollow.

Hale Farm

Hale farm cow

Group one started with Jim, Rich, Cortney, Brian, Nick. Brian & Cortney split from the group and ran back to Happy Days. Jim was also filming sections of the course for the BR100 website. Jim had a plan of 14 minute mile pace so he could document the course and meet the second group on time. We met up with Group Two here. Mike, Brandon, Melissa 1, Melissa 2, Kurt, Jerry,Susan, Connie, and a few others. (Nick took a group picture I'll post later). Nick wasn't feeling up to par and started walking more and more of the course. I stayed back with him to make sure he was ok.
Nick's Blog RUNNING THE RACE STE BEFORE ME has more pictures and his story about the run.
Corn will be good this year..."Knee high by the fourth of July."
We beat the train across the tracks.

Posted by PicasaCortney lost her shoe in the mud.
Once we got to Merrimen Towpath it started to get dark. Once on the tow path I was running very slow, last one in the pack. We walked up Uler Street then made our way to Signal Tree trail head. I caught up the Nick and he was back to walking. I told Jim to take the group and not to wait, I was on familiar grounds to make it back to the finish. We made it out of Signal Tree & Highbridge trail. We opted out of running Glens trail and made our way back to the finish running up Front Street. Nick made his was to his car and I headed back home with 36 miles for the day and 31 miles in 7:01.

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Mike said...

Bill, Congrats on going further than ever before! Thanks for the great re-supply at Merriman.

- Mike George