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Monday, August 31, 2009

What are you Running From?

The title comes from a facebook non-running friend. What, or why are you running... Why not?

Today I calculated last weeks mileage and came up with a 50 mile week. I wasn't trying it just happened. I wanted to run the RWS course (26.2 miles) I had some time to kill Sat afternoon and ended up running 6 miles. Wed. morning I could sleep and was up a 4 am so I went running in the rain and bagged 6 miles.

Today I ran 9 miles of the Blue Line. I started at the Mustill Store and ran South to Firestone Park, to Garfield High then back toward Akron U & downtown Akron.

Highlights from my run:
1. Lost my phone...fell out of my pocket somewhere...
2. I bet I smoked a cig from all the second hand smoke I inhaled today.
3. passed a guy token on some pot. YES SMOKING WEED WALKING DOWN MAIN STREET!!!
4. ran a 6.something last mile booking down Howard Street.
5. The new Akron U Stadium looks Awesome!!!
6. The Park look the same...

Today was my commitment to a 50 miler. I'll look again at Slime Pickins, but defiantly Mohican 50 miler in June 2010.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back into the groove

If I had a dime for every time I've said, "I'm back into the groove." I'd could hire someone to run for me. Here I am saying it again..."I'm getting back into the groove."

I ran 17 miles of the Akron Blue Line with Kirt O', Bill Billock, Don Holtapple, and Brett Shriver.
We started at mile 18ish (Sandrun Parkway & Revere Rd) I liked this start until we had to climb up sandrun hill...grueling...

I'd like to run an ultra this year I only had 13 miles of the Winter BT. I'm thinking Slim Pickins. Why, Well It's a FA, so it's cheap. If I can't go I don't loose any money. I'll have a good training base after running Akron & Columbus, and it's cheap...

I just read that Roy will have a Running With Scissors Training run Aug. 30th. The course will cover 26.2 miles. I think I may try and run this.

Mike Keller & I are working on another Indian run. 2 years ago we ran a 25 mile Indian landmark run that cover Cuyahoga Falls to the Valley then to Fairlawn. I'll post details later...

Southern Ohio Tour

Last week was vacation week with the Family in Southwest Ohio. Our first stop was Washington Courthouse OH, to visit some friends. Very cool place, soybean & corn country. I had an opportunity to run "around the block"...5 miles... After my 5 mile run I took our dog out for a 1 mile run.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

100 miles of recovery

Thanks to Brian Musick I have a new ultra plan for this year. The only ultra I have for 2009 is the 13 mile of the BT winter run. It was a miserable day, the trails were very snow and honestly I wasn't prepared for a 50k. I ran an easy 7 miles with Brian last night. It was his first run after his dramatic finish the Burning River 100. We headed over to happy days at 8:15pm. Brian said he felt good for his first run. We reminisced about the BR100 course and how he felt at mile 75 inside Happy Days. We headed over to the overlook for a glimpse of the spectacular sunset, and neither of us packed a camera. I did however pack my headlamp and with fresh recharged batteries I was ready for some night trail running...so I thought...I turned on my lamp and got a weak light beam. WTF? These are recharged fresh batteries...Luckily Brian has a super beam light. I still crashed and scrapped my elbow.

On our way back to the parking lot we were talking about the different FA's in the upcoming ultra schedule. I'm thinking of running Laurel Lake's FA in November there's a few NEO Trail unltra FA's I'm going to look at running. With Akron and Columbus Marathons under my belt, and keeping up my training I think I should be in good shape to finish.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Panic Switch Trails

I decided it's time to blog again. I took a little hiatus AKA "Blogslacking" because I was board with writing the same old thing about the same old trails, course, and races that I've been running. I'll try to put a different spin on my blogs. You'll still find the bold, raw in your face shocking comments (maybe about you), but in Chef Bill Bailey Style. If you want to read a race report there's other bloggers that you can turn to that do a much better job than me.

You'll see me again this year at the Akron Marathon. I'll be running with my brother-in-law Jason. No goal, but I'm a believer in starting with a pace group so we will start with the 4:00 hr. group then we'll see what happens. After this year I'll take a break from Akron, I'd like to run something different in 2010.

I'm also registered for The Columbus Marathon. I was register last year, but had other obligations and could run. This will be my first year for Columbus full marathon.

That's it I was going to run Bobcat Trail Marathon but I have a catering gig and can't run. I have zero 50k's/ultras this year, next year I want to shoot for a 50 miler, maybe Mohican.

Cool Video shot with my kids in CVNP Tree Farm Trail

Check it out....

Post Note: I guess when I downloaded all my photos to a zipstick they come off my blog. opps...