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Monday, August 31, 2009

What are you Running From?

The title comes from a facebook non-running friend. What, or why are you running... Why not?

Today I calculated last weeks mileage and came up with a 50 mile week. I wasn't trying it just happened. I wanted to run the RWS course (26.2 miles) I had some time to kill Sat afternoon and ended up running 6 miles. Wed. morning I could sleep and was up a 4 am so I went running in the rain and bagged 6 miles.

Today I ran 9 miles of the Blue Line. I started at the Mustill Store and ran South to Firestone Park, to Garfield High then back toward Akron U & downtown Akron.

Highlights from my run:
1. Lost my phone...fell out of my pocket somewhere...
2. I bet I smoked a cig from all the second hand smoke I inhaled today.
3. passed a guy token on some pot. YES SMOKING WEED WALKING DOWN MAIN STREET!!!
4. ran a 6.something last mile booking down Howard Street.
5. The new Akron U Stadium looks Awesome!!!
6. The Park look the same...

Today was my commitment to a 50 miler. I'll look again at Slime Pickins, but defiantly Mohican 50 miler in June 2010.

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