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Thursday, August 13, 2009

100 miles of recovery

Thanks to Brian Musick I have a new ultra plan for this year. The only ultra I have for 2009 is the 13 mile of the BT winter run. It was a miserable day, the trails were very snow and honestly I wasn't prepared for a 50k. I ran an easy 7 miles with Brian last night. It was his first run after his dramatic finish the Burning River 100. We headed over to happy days at 8:15pm. Brian said he felt good for his first run. We reminisced about the BR100 course and how he felt at mile 75 inside Happy Days. We headed over to the overlook for a glimpse of the spectacular sunset, and neither of us packed a camera. I did however pack my headlamp and with fresh recharged batteries I was ready for some night trail running...so I thought...I turned on my lamp and got a weak light beam. WTF? These are recharged fresh batteries...Luckily Brian has a super beam light. I still crashed and scrapped my elbow.

On our way back to the parking lot we were talking about the different FA's in the upcoming ultra schedule. I'm thinking of running Laurel Lake's FA in November there's a few NEO Trail unltra FA's I'm going to look at running. With Akron and Columbus Marathons under my belt, and keeping up my training I think I should be in good shape to finish.

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