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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hampton Hills Night Rangers

Wed 5/30/2007
I got the call I need to heard...It was Mike (fitfromfat) I haven't ran with him for awhile. He's been busy, I've been busy. Every now and then we get these crazy schedules that click. Mike was heading home from a week of working (flying) and he called to see if I would run trails at 10:00pm. Perfect!!! Kids are in bed, Cavs are off yes I'll run. We headed down to Hampton Hills
It's a hilly 3.2 mile loop in the Metro Park. We ran it twice once counter clock wise then clock wise the second time. I did set my watch but it took around an hour (maybe less). I did manage to crash. I was running right behind Mike and didn't see a root and hit the dirt. I think Mike got a picture. check out Mike's blog to see. I'll post some pictures when I get some from Mike. Great night running trail, we plan on running this one again. There is a small trail that loops inside, I'd like to run a figure-eight on it to get more out of the trail then just a loop.

VR Training Meeting

Tuesday 5/29/2007
Great turnout for VR Trainings Fall 2007 Seminar. looked like close to 30 people showed up to hear executive race director, Jim Barnett from the Akron Marathon talk about this years Akron Marathon and how it all started five years again. I'm looking forward to running the Akron again I'm hoping to beat my 4:17 from last year. Plus I think it's awesome to be able to run into the Canal Park Stadium. Vince also spoke about how to achieve the goal of running your first marathon with the support of VR Training Group.

Memorial Day Run

Monday 5/28/2007
My morning started with getting the family up and out of bed for a morning jog....ya like that really happened...No we headed out to the Cuyahoga Falls Memorial Day Parade & Pancake Breakfast. We did ride our bikes to the parade. So I had another day of "when will I run today." My first plan was to do another night run, alone then Vince called and asked if I wanted to run with him & Wild Bill. I met Vince at his house and we met at Wild Bill's house to run the Carriage Trail and a "Secret Wild Bill Trail". We were out for about 1 1/2 hours the secret trail was cool. Very hilly (but runnable),and a cool scenic views of a waterfall.

Wild Bill mentioned there were wild turkeys running around. We didn't see the turkeys but we can across this snake on the trail. It was pretty big. we covered around 8-9 miles, I'm not sure of the distance. I did have plenty of water this time.

Burning River 100 Night Run

Sat. 5/26/2007
Saturday morning was a day to help some friends move so I wasn't sure what time I would be running. I got a call from Vince to see if I wanted to run with a group on the Burning River 100 course at night. We all met at Happy Days parking lot at 8:45pm then piled in one van and drove to the Boston Store. We ran a point to point (Boston Store to Happy Days). There was Me (Chef Bill), Wild Bill (Wild Bill's T-Shirt Co.) Ultra Runner training to run the Grand Canyon in Oct 2007. Vince Rucci (Vertical Runner), Brice a trail runner who was supposed to be playing soccer. Wyatt an ultra runner training for the Burning River 100, Tanya Cady Ultra Runner training for a 100 miler in Wisconsin some time soon. Walt Tanya's husband and I think one other person.

It was very hot, humid and really dark. I've ran at night before and it seemed dark for some reason. We ran about 14 miles I ran out of water and got a little slow at the end.

Wild Bill & Wyatt

A rare view of Vince walking on a trail

These were the only pictures I snapped. We were only out for 3 hours a very challenging course at night. Not a trail I wanted to be on with out water. At the Brandywine Inn we were met by the Inn Keeper, He wanted to know who we were and asked what we were doing out on the trail. We also got a few extra miles in from a wrong turn on the trail. That was fun!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Where to Start

Boy I'm never doing that again. My neglected blog has forced me to figure out where to start. Do I go all the way back to my last post (3 weeks ago) and post each day that I missed? or turn out one big post that summarized what I've done in the last 3 weeks? I'll settle for the summarized version.

3 weeks again I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Shah, He's a sports medicine doctor. I had rolled my ankle on a 20 mile trail run a few weeks before my 50K in Kentucky. I didn't want to see a doctor right away, one I thought I was running OK and my ankle would get better soon. Two I didn't want the doctor to tell me I couldn't run.

My ankle's OK, it was weak from not running on it properly because of it being sprained all this time. I can still run, I have to do some therapy to strengthen my ankle at Summa. The Doctor said not to take it easy running and not to run on trails for a while.

I've limited my weekday runs to two 5-6 miles on the roads and about 8 miles with the Sat AM group the day before the Cleveland Marathon.

Week 5/21 to 5/24 was the week from hell. I help out with a third shift catering out in Middlefield OH. Where is Middlefield you ask? Go out to the middle of nowhere and turn left and keep going, and going and... I worked 11pm to 5am then had to go home to take care of my kids during the day. No running this week. I only got in 3.5 miles around the track at the NAT.

So I've learned a lesson in blog writing...don't fall behind. It goes the same for training. Don't fall behind. I'm not sure if I could have ran any more the week I was working. I'll just have to pick up the pieces and crank up the mileage so I can make a difference at the Buckeye 50K.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I just wanted to take a minute out of my busy day to inform everyone that I'm still alive and still running. I've have some changes in my schedule and had some computer issues. I've got another very busy and crazy schedule coming up this week so I will start blogging again soon.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Today's was going to be titled "To The Bridge & Back". I ran may 11 mile run to the Y-Bridge in Akron. In stead of returning on the bridge I wanted to check out the buildings near Luigi's Pizza. I ran around the parking lot then headed up Howard Street Hill. I had a great evening to run; the smell of fresh cut grass, teens zooming around trying to run me over, and everyone out enjoy the nice warm weather. I want to make it to the bridge before the sun went down. Then CRASH.....
I was running toward the end of Howard Street at a descent pace just looking around at the neighborhood then I glanced over to look at a house for sale, then BAM!!! I hit the ground.
I bang my knee, my elbow and my shoulder. Not need to worry there were no on lookers at the time. And I'm OK.
The sidewalk was raised and I didn't see it. Here's another reason to run trails.
Ya you may fall on a trail but it's a softer fall and you don't look like
you wrecked on a motorcycle. I had to get a shot of the sun setting next to the new condos. I'm standing on the y-bridge. I think the building is call Northside Lofts. I'd like to go inside to see what they look like.
After the crash there was only one thing to do......
Get up and run.
Here's my route.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Revol 10K Downtown Cleveland

Today was the Revol 10K, proceeds go towards the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland. A great race for a great cause. The course gave a awesome perspective of downtown Cleveland. The race started on Ontario near Tower City, then we ran to Carnegie Ave. We headed into the Theatre District and over Detroit/Superior Bridge and ended up running the Neighborhoods of Ohio City. The last leg of the course took us past Westside Market then over the Lorain Bridge.
Here's a view of the course.ROUTE
Here is a great shot of the start. I also have to mention the Cav's Played the Nets today in the playoffs. (FYI: CAV'S WON 81-77). Here a clear view of how Mr. Rucci, now we all know how he places in the top 10 at every race. (That didn't help him today the guy behind him, Rich, won the race...without cheating.) To checkout official results navigate to Vertical Runner's Website

Mike race in just behind me at 51 minutes. Mike is training for his first marathon, the Marine Corps. Marathon in Washington DC this October. Mike served in the Marine Corp in the late 90's. He's have a good week of running...starting with last Sunday's Michigan Trail 1/2 Marathon, running Vince and the group on Wednesday & Thursday, Trail 101 on Friday, and finishing up with this run today. Good Job Mike!!!!

Here's Steve my cameraman helping Jim with the race results at the finish.

Nick, Vince, Mike, & Me...Chef Bill

Nicks mission was to run a 7 minute/mile. Great Job Nick!!! Vince paced Nick.Mike was just out for the run of it, but pulled off a great 10K run. Mike write this one down, now you have a PR to beat. Speaking of PR I have a new 10K PR (by my watch unofficial time- 50:04:60 ) I'll get the official time when they are available. After the race we were allowed to walk around Jacobs Field. Here's Vince, Greg, Mike & Chef Bill. Vince receives an award for best Downtown Chalk Arrows. Way to Go Vince!!!

The Cav's had a pre-game party setup at the Q. Here's my cameraman Steve Rising Up with the Caviler cheerleaders. On our way to the car I snapped this picture...Steve's marching with the band.

When I started running my goal was to finish. If it was to finish a 5 mile training run, a 50k trail ultra or anything in between. I have to say now that I have find a new goal to accomplish. I know now that I can finish any run I start. I've always told myself, "I'm not going to focus on time." I'm not out to compete with anyone else but myself. Entering my second year of running I find myself thinking of a time I want to finish a race...glancing at my watch running past the first mile marker...picking up the pace at the last mile of a race. So did I subconsciously create a new goal to accomplish? I think so...I will return to Michigan next year to beat my trail marathon time. Other goals I will achieve by keeping up with my training and just getting out there and running.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Night Trail 101

Here's our Happy Trail Group for tonight
Trail 101 tonight took us on a loop around Happy Days and Virgina Kendall Park. Located off of Rt. 303.

We had a detour to get to Happy Days Parking Lot there were cops & firetrucks blocking Rt. 8 & Rt. 303 (I'm not sure what happened). I thought I was going to be later I called Vince to let him know I was on my way. Sally & Holly, two ladies I met running Trail 101 and trained with last summer were back running with us. Although they are not training for any races the year, they are continuing to run.
The Vertical Runner Sisters were running with us today. Vince & Steve were bickering like two little girls. No need to go into details on what they were bickering about, just think of your sisters, your daughters or a Seinfeld episode. I guess that's what makes them life long friends. I can feel the heat, the days are getting warmer. Great weather to start Buckeye 50K training. I'd rather run in the heat, I don't like running in the cold.
We ran about 5 miles or so...for 55 Minutes. Virgina Kendell is a great scenic trail with the cliffs, caves and trees. Don't forget to look down there's lots of rocks & roots to maneuver over and around.
Vince is leading the group up to the "Icebox" Cave.
For those of you newbie runners come join us every other Friday & every other Monday to get the trails a try. Trail 101 isn't about running fast or running hills. Give yourself another course to train on. If your feeling sore from all the road & pavment running, try trail 101. your feet will love you for it. check www.verticalrunner.com for dates & times.

Not everyone went into the cave, so I had to jump down inside to get some pictures. We did some running after standing around and climbing into caves. I get lost when I'm done here so I'm not sure of the route we took.

I'm on a short running week. I'll run a 10K Sunday in Cleveland that will give me 20 miles for the week. Then I'll start ramping up my mileage to prepare for the Buckeye 50K.

I do want to say good luck to all running the "PIG" this weekend (Mike, Kim, Josh, Marta)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Gorge Metro Park

I just got back from running the Gorge Metro Park. I didn't take the camera, I still look the same. The gorge still looks like the gorge. To the gorge and Glens Trail from my house is about 6 miles. I think I ran for about an hour. I didn't check my watch when I stopped. Today I did get to run in my own shoes. It was a great day to run temps were in the high 60's. the trails were almost dry from all the rain last night. There were some people hiking the trails, most were smoking which was annoying.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Monday Night's Dawg Run

Monday Night April 30, 2007
Just a 2 mile loop around the neighborhood with Sara & Monet. They had to run on leash and didn't like it to much. I didn't give them much sniff time. I had to go out to loosen up my legs.

Michigan Trail Marathon

Sunday April 29, 2007
After helping with the aided run on Saturday, I went home packed my stuff for the trail marathon. I ate some food, and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep so I looked over all my gear and decided to repack it into a smaller bag. BIG MISTAKE (I'll explain later).

I met Vince, Mike and Kristen at Vertical Runner and we all headed out at 4:30pm. Mike is Vertical Runner's mailman and Kristen is Mike's girlfriend. They are running the 1/2 marathon. We are also meeting Vince's friend, Dave who lives in Michigan. He's also running the 1/2 marathon. It's amazing how much you can get to know about a person a road trip in so little time. It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive, not to bad...Vince was responsible for driving. I was responsible for navigation and Kristen was in charge of keeping the conversation lively and fun. I don't know what the hell Mike was doing. As we were drive we missed a turn. With all road trips the person holding the map is responsible for all wrong turns & misguided directions. We called Dave to get us to the hotel via Detroit. We checked in around 8:00pm. I packed a small kitchen and cooked everyone a pre-race pasta dinner. As I sat enjoying my pasta I had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach...."DID I BRING MY TRAIL SHOES?" Remember the re-pack.....

I didn't place my shoes in the bag, I placed them next to the bag. I was all set to drive up to Dick's Sporting to buy a new pair of trail shoes then Mike said he had an extra pair of his shoes to wear after the race. They fit!! Of all things to forget...MY SHOES.

The weather: clear skies, morning low 48 mid morning & noon temps were around 78-80.

OK know I have all my gear I have my new socks, I got mike's shoes (I think they were Montrails), I wore shorts & the new VR Training shirt. The trails are very much like Buckeye trails. Talking with Vince we set my finish time at 5 hours. At the 1/2 (split) I need to run a 2:25. Well I did that...I ran a 2:25:01. I ran most of the hills, I felt good. Then the second half I slowed down. The course started to get tougher. The temperature started to rise, the hills where getting hillier. I was walking in place I should have been running. it was brutal. I finished at 5:22:52.

After all was done my legs were hurting, I was dehydrated, I was just glad it was over. I remember feeling better after my 50K then I did after this run. Next year I'm training like I'm running a 50K to run this. Vince asked if I was OK with my time...I said yes, but, I know I could run a better race.

Here's me running into the finish line.

The smile is as fake as it looks I feel like crap, although I am wear a looking cool shirt
Chef Bill(me), Mike (the Mailman), Kristen, Vince
(Dave's left after his run) Mike & Kristen finished the 1/2 at 2:50:16

The Thug Runner stretching after his 3:30:24 7th place.We stop to see the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor MI

Thanks Mike for letting me wear your shoes.

I have more to said about this race later. This is my recovery week but, I will be in Cleveland Sunday May 6, 2007 for the Revol 10K.

Sat. Group Run

April 28, 2007
Today I started my day at 4:45am; not to run but to help Vince support the VR Training group runners with a 20 mile aided run. The group started at lock 29 then took to the towpath & roads. There were about 20 runners on this chilly & cloudy morning. Chilly for us but a great temputre for running. For some the longest run in their training schedule. Most of the group will be running the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon May 20, 2007.
The course was mapped to headed north to the Boston Store, then turn right on Boston Mill Rd. As the group took to the towpath they broke into 3-4 groups. Connie Gardner running past the Boston Store. Connie is one of Northeastern Ohio's fastest Runners.

Here's the second group running pasted Boston Store. Nick & Brett were leading the pack.

This was the top of Boston Mills Rd. a long tough hill to climb. Vince had the music blasting and everyone was ready for some water, sports drink & gels. We were jamming to rapper 50 cent. Vince's new nickname is "Thug-Runner"

Here's Mr. Thug-Runner helping our runners with some gel packs.

Here is Connie, Steve, and Kim

The group headed to the Bike & Hike Trail and Vince headed to the bagel shop for coffee & Bagels we were starving. The first group were smokin fast...Vince had to leave me at the Bike & Hike Trail to aid the other runners. Vince had to catch the first group at the next aid station.

The group heads towards the Carriage Trail then to Station Bridge.

Everyone did well. I'm not sure what everyone's times were, this is a great course to get ready for a marathon. Vince & I left after the last group checked in at Station Bridge They had 7 miles back to lock 29. Vince had to get to work and I had to finish packing for our trail run in Michigan on Sunday.