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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Michigan Trail Marathon

Sunday April 29, 2007
After helping with the aided run on Saturday, I went home packed my stuff for the trail marathon. I ate some food, and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep so I looked over all my gear and decided to repack it into a smaller bag. BIG MISTAKE (I'll explain later).

I met Vince, Mike and Kristen at Vertical Runner and we all headed out at 4:30pm. Mike is Vertical Runner's mailman and Kristen is Mike's girlfriend. They are running the 1/2 marathon. We are also meeting Vince's friend, Dave who lives in Michigan. He's also running the 1/2 marathon. It's amazing how much you can get to know about a person a road trip in so little time. It's only a 3 1/2 hour drive, not to bad...Vince was responsible for driving. I was responsible for navigation and Kristen was in charge of keeping the conversation lively and fun. I don't know what the hell Mike was doing. As we were drive we missed a turn. With all road trips the person holding the map is responsible for all wrong turns & misguided directions. We called Dave to get us to the hotel via Detroit. We checked in around 8:00pm. I packed a small kitchen and cooked everyone a pre-race pasta dinner. As I sat enjoying my pasta I had that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach...."DID I BRING MY TRAIL SHOES?" Remember the re-pack.....

I didn't place my shoes in the bag, I placed them next to the bag. I was all set to drive up to Dick's Sporting to buy a new pair of trail shoes then Mike said he had an extra pair of his shoes to wear after the race. They fit!! Of all things to forget...MY SHOES.

The weather: clear skies, morning low 48 mid morning & noon temps were around 78-80.

OK know I have all my gear I have my new socks, I got mike's shoes (I think they were Montrails), I wore shorts & the new VR Training shirt. The trails are very much like Buckeye trails. Talking with Vince we set my finish time at 5 hours. At the 1/2 (split) I need to run a 2:25. Well I did that...I ran a 2:25:01. I ran most of the hills, I felt good. Then the second half I slowed down. The course started to get tougher. The temperature started to rise, the hills where getting hillier. I was walking in place I should have been running. it was brutal. I finished at 5:22:52.

After all was done my legs were hurting, I was dehydrated, I was just glad it was over. I remember feeling better after my 50K then I did after this run. Next year I'm training like I'm running a 50K to run this. Vince asked if I was OK with my time...I said yes, but, I know I could run a better race.

Here's me running into the finish line.

The smile is as fake as it looks I feel like crap, although I am wear a looking cool shirt
Chef Bill(me), Mike (the Mailman), Kristen, Vince
(Dave's left after his run) Mike & Kristen finished the 1/2 at 2:50:16

The Thug Runner stretching after his 3:30:24 7th place.We stop to see the Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor MI

Thanks Mike for letting me wear your shoes.

I have more to said about this race later. This is my recovery week but, I will be in Cleveland Sunday May 6, 2007 for the Revol 10K.


Kim said...

AND then what happened?

Chef Bill Bailey said...

It should be ready now. I think I was editing and I posted some of it before it was done.

Kim said...

Whew! I was wondering.
Dude, I can't believe you forgot your shoes. That was serendipity that Mike wore the same size AND had extra.
Good race report, and good race!!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I just bought a new pair of road shoes like that thursday, so if I would have had to go out and buy another pair of shoes I er...my wife would have been pissed.