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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Burning River 100 Night Run

Sat. 5/26/2007
Saturday morning was a day to help some friends move so I wasn't sure what time I would be running. I got a call from Vince to see if I wanted to run with a group on the Burning River 100 course at night. We all met at Happy Days parking lot at 8:45pm then piled in one van and drove to the Boston Store. We ran a point to point (Boston Store to Happy Days). There was Me (Chef Bill), Wild Bill (Wild Bill's T-Shirt Co.) Ultra Runner training to run the Grand Canyon in Oct 2007. Vince Rucci (Vertical Runner), Brice a trail runner who was supposed to be playing soccer. Wyatt an ultra runner training for the Burning River 100, Tanya Cady Ultra Runner training for a 100 miler in Wisconsin some time soon. Walt Tanya's husband and I think one other person.

It was very hot, humid and really dark. I've ran at night before and it seemed dark for some reason. We ran about 14 miles I ran out of water and got a little slow at the end.

Wild Bill & Wyatt

A rare view of Vince walking on a trail

These were the only pictures I snapped. We were only out for 3 hours a very challenging course at night. Not a trail I wanted to be on with out water. At the Brandywine Inn we were met by the Inn Keeper, He wanted to know who we were and asked what we were doing out on the trail. We also got a few extra miles in from a wrong turn on the trail. That was fun!!!

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