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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hampton Hills Night Rangers

Wed 5/30/2007
I got the call I need to heard...It was Mike (fitfromfat) I haven't ran with him for awhile. He's been busy, I've been busy. Every now and then we get these crazy schedules that click. Mike was heading home from a week of working (flying) and he called to see if I would run trails at 10:00pm. Perfect!!! Kids are in bed, Cavs are off yes I'll run. We headed down to Hampton Hills
It's a hilly 3.2 mile loop in the Metro Park. We ran it twice once counter clock wise then clock wise the second time. I did set my watch but it took around an hour (maybe less). I did manage to crash. I was running right behind Mike and didn't see a root and hit the dirt. I think Mike got a picture. check out Mike's blog to see. I'll post some pictures when I get some from Mike. Great night running trail, we plan on running this one again. There is a small trail that loops inside, I'd like to run a figure-eight on it to get more out of the trail then just a loop.

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Anonymous said...

hey bro...all the pictures I got are on my blog. thanks for coming out!

I wish I could have made that VR/akron marathon meeting. I plan on doing akron too as you know, and want to break 4.

missed running with vince last night by a hair, as I didn't have anyone to watch my bambinos...but I was trying.