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Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Night Trail 101

Here's our Happy Trail Group for tonight
Trail 101 tonight took us on a loop around Happy Days and Virgina Kendall Park. Located off of Rt. 303.

We had a detour to get to Happy Days Parking Lot there were cops & firetrucks blocking Rt. 8 & Rt. 303 (I'm not sure what happened). I thought I was going to be later I called Vince to let him know I was on my way. Sally & Holly, two ladies I met running Trail 101 and trained with last summer were back running with us. Although they are not training for any races the year, they are continuing to run.
The Vertical Runner Sisters were running with us today. Vince & Steve were bickering like two little girls. No need to go into details on what they were bickering about, just think of your sisters, your daughters or a Seinfeld episode. I guess that's what makes them life long friends. I can feel the heat, the days are getting warmer. Great weather to start Buckeye 50K training. I'd rather run in the heat, I don't like running in the cold.
We ran about 5 miles or so...for 55 Minutes. Virgina Kendell is a great scenic trail with the cliffs, caves and trees. Don't forget to look down there's lots of rocks & roots to maneuver over and around.
Vince is leading the group up to the "Icebox" Cave.
For those of you newbie runners come join us every other Friday & every other Monday to get the trails a try. Trail 101 isn't about running fast or running hills. Give yourself another course to train on. If your feeling sore from all the road & pavment running, try trail 101. your feet will love you for it. check www.verticalrunner.com for dates & times.

Not everyone went into the cave, so I had to jump down inside to get some pictures. We did some running after standing around and climbing into caves. I get lost when I'm done here so I'm not sure of the route we took.

I'm on a short running week. I'll run a 10K Sunday in Cleveland that will give me 20 miles for the week. Then I'll start ramping up my mileage to prepare for the Buckeye 50K.

I do want to say good luck to all running the "PIG" this weekend (Mike, Kim, Josh, Marta)

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Anonymous said...

vertical runner sisters...very clever...good running w/ you tonight. - Steve