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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Today's was going to be titled "To The Bridge & Back". I ran may 11 mile run to the Y-Bridge in Akron. In stead of returning on the bridge I wanted to check out the buildings near Luigi's Pizza. I ran around the parking lot then headed up Howard Street Hill. I had a great evening to run; the smell of fresh cut grass, teens zooming around trying to run me over, and everyone out enjoy the nice warm weather. I want to make it to the bridge before the sun went down. Then CRASH.....
I was running toward the end of Howard Street at a descent pace just looking around at the neighborhood then I glanced over to look at a house for sale, then BAM!!! I hit the ground.
I bang my knee, my elbow and my shoulder. Not need to worry there were no on lookers at the time. And I'm OK.
The sidewalk was raised and I didn't see it. Here's another reason to run trails.
Ya you may fall on a trail but it's a softer fall and you don't look like
you wrecked on a motorcycle. I had to get a shot of the sun setting next to the new condos. I'm standing on the y-bridge. I think the building is call Northside Lofts. I'd like to go inside to see what they look like.
After the crash there was only one thing to do......
Get up and run.
Here's my route.


Kim said...

I knew roads were dangerous...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the last photo running away from the camera....I am going to have to experiment with that angle.

What of the trail marathon you were going to run? Has that past? Are you running it?

Keep those posts coming man!

Oh, and by the way, give this website a shot: www.runningmap.com

I find it easier to map runs on than gmap anymore...it updates and clicks faster, etc. see if you like it.

I go back to flying Wednesday so I probably won't see you...how about a trail run next time I am home?