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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Revol 10K Downtown Cleveland

Today was the Revol 10K, proceeds go towards the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland. A great race for a great cause. The course gave a awesome perspective of downtown Cleveland. The race started on Ontario near Tower City, then we ran to Carnegie Ave. We headed into the Theatre District and over Detroit/Superior Bridge and ended up running the Neighborhoods of Ohio City. The last leg of the course took us past Westside Market then over the Lorain Bridge.
Here's a view of the course.ROUTE
Here is a great shot of the start. I also have to mention the Cav's Played the Nets today in the playoffs. (FYI: CAV'S WON 81-77). Here a clear view of how Mr. Rucci, now we all know how he places in the top 10 at every race. (That didn't help him today the guy behind him, Rich, won the race...without cheating.) To checkout official results navigate to Vertical Runner's Website

Mike race in just behind me at 51 minutes. Mike is training for his first marathon, the Marine Corps. Marathon in Washington DC this October. Mike served in the Marine Corp in the late 90's. He's have a good week of running...starting with last Sunday's Michigan Trail 1/2 Marathon, running Vince and the group on Wednesday & Thursday, Trail 101 on Friday, and finishing up with this run today. Good Job Mike!!!!

Here's Steve my cameraman helping Jim with the race results at the finish.

Nick, Vince, Mike, & Me...Chef Bill

Nicks mission was to run a 7 minute/mile. Great Job Nick!!! Vince paced Nick.Mike was just out for the run of it, but pulled off a great 10K run. Mike write this one down, now you have a PR to beat. Speaking of PR I have a new 10K PR (by my watch unofficial time- 50:04:60 ) I'll get the official time when they are available. After the race we were allowed to walk around Jacobs Field. Here's Vince, Greg, Mike & Chef Bill. Vince receives an award for best Downtown Chalk Arrows. Way to Go Vince!!!

The Cav's had a pre-game party setup at the Q. Here's my cameraman Steve Rising Up with the Caviler cheerleaders. On our way to the car I snapped this picture...Steve's marching with the band.

When I started running my goal was to finish. If it was to finish a 5 mile training run, a 50k trail ultra or anything in between. I have to say now that I have find a new goal to accomplish. I know now that I can finish any run I start. I've always told myself, "I'm not going to focus on time." I'm not out to compete with anyone else but myself. Entering my second year of running I find myself thinking of a time I want to finish a race...glancing at my watch running past the first mile marker...picking up the pace at the last mile of a race. So did I subconsciously create a new goal to accomplish? I think so...I will return to Michigan next year to beat my trail marathon time. Other goals I will achieve by keeping up with my training and just getting out there and running.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Bill! Looks like it was a blast...I would have had fun with you all! Nice photos.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Thanks Mike
I didn't run with my camera, I was in running mode. I left it with my trusty cameraman Steve.