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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sat. Group Run

April 28, 2007
Today I started my day at 4:45am; not to run but to help Vince support the VR Training group runners with a 20 mile aided run. The group started at lock 29 then took to the towpath & roads. There were about 20 runners on this chilly & cloudy morning. Chilly for us but a great temputre for running. For some the longest run in their training schedule. Most of the group will be running the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon May 20, 2007.
The course was mapped to headed north to the Boston Store, then turn right on Boston Mill Rd. As the group took to the towpath they broke into 3-4 groups. Connie Gardner running past the Boston Store. Connie is one of Northeastern Ohio's fastest Runners.

Here's the second group running pasted Boston Store. Nick & Brett were leading the pack.

This was the top of Boston Mills Rd. a long tough hill to climb. Vince had the music blasting and everyone was ready for some water, sports drink & gels. We were jamming to rapper 50 cent. Vince's new nickname is "Thug-Runner"

Here's Mr. Thug-Runner helping our runners with some gel packs.

Here is Connie, Steve, and Kim

The group headed to the Bike & Hike Trail and Vince headed to the bagel shop for coffee & Bagels we were starving. The first group were smokin fast...Vince had to leave me at the Bike & Hike Trail to aid the other runners. Vince had to catch the first group at the next aid station.

The group heads towards the Carriage Trail then to Station Bridge.

Everyone did well. I'm not sure what everyone's times were, this is a great course to get ready for a marathon. Vince & I left after the last group checked in at Station Bridge They had 7 miles back to lock 29. Vince had to get to work and I had to finish packing for our trail run in Michigan on Sunday.

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