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Monday, May 28, 2007

Where to Start

Boy I'm never doing that again. My neglected blog has forced me to figure out where to start. Do I go all the way back to my last post (3 weeks ago) and post each day that I missed? or turn out one big post that summarized what I've done in the last 3 weeks? I'll settle for the summarized version.

3 weeks again I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Shah, He's a sports medicine doctor. I had rolled my ankle on a 20 mile trail run a few weeks before my 50K in Kentucky. I didn't want to see a doctor right away, one I thought I was running OK and my ankle would get better soon. Two I didn't want the doctor to tell me I couldn't run.

My ankle's OK, it was weak from not running on it properly because of it being sprained all this time. I can still run, I have to do some therapy to strengthen my ankle at Summa. The Doctor said not to take it easy running and not to run on trails for a while.

I've limited my weekday runs to two 5-6 miles on the roads and about 8 miles with the Sat AM group the day before the Cleveland Marathon.

Week 5/21 to 5/24 was the week from hell. I help out with a third shift catering out in Middlefield OH. Where is Middlefield you ask? Go out to the middle of nowhere and turn left and keep going, and going and... I worked 11pm to 5am then had to go home to take care of my kids during the day. No running this week. I only got in 3.5 miles around the track at the NAT.

So I've learned a lesson in blog writing...don't fall behind. It goes the same for training. Don't fall behind. I'm not sure if I could have ran any more the week I was working. I'll just have to pick up the pieces and crank up the mileage so I can make a difference at the Buckeye 50K.

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Kim said...

I think I was in Middlefield. Is it over Youngstown way? I was lost myself.