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Monday, January 19, 2009

Buckeye Trail Winter Run For Regis

Boy what a day.
I know I wasn't ready for this. My training has slipped away to the reality of life (Work & Family). I ran a little less than 13 miles on the 50K loop. The elements took a toll on me and the other runners. The flakes were flying, we plowed through the course, the snow never did get packed down like we thought. It was like running on loose sand. I was glad to get out of pine lane and get a bowl of chili.

Now my thoughts are focused on trying to get my training schedule back...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buckeye Trail Winter Run For Regis 2009

Here is edited version #1

I will have another version with more pictures and credits to follow.

If you have any pictures I can use please email them to me


Friday, January 9, 2009

Lunch Time Trail Run

Ran 7 miles today. I was joined by Traci. Everyone else must be up to their eyeballs in paperwork.
We ran Gorge/Highbridge/Glens...

Lunch time runs will be Wendsdays and Fridays and some Mondays.
(Most Monday runs will be a 6 mile 5:15am Call Farm route in Stow...email me if you want to join us)
Distance will be 6-9 miles. Some roads but would like to stick to trails.
Starting time: 12:30pm
Starting location will be somewhere near Downtown Cuyahoga Falls. Look for the post on the VR message board.