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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Panic Switch Trails

I decided it's time to blog again. I took a little hiatus AKA "Blogslacking" because I was board with writing the same old thing about the same old trails, course, and races that I've been running. I'll try to put a different spin on my blogs. You'll still find the bold, raw in your face shocking comments (maybe about you), but in Chef Bill Bailey Style. If you want to read a race report there's other bloggers that you can turn to that do a much better job than me.

You'll see me again this year at the Akron Marathon. I'll be running with my brother-in-law Jason. No goal, but I'm a believer in starting with a pace group so we will start with the 4:00 hr. group then we'll see what happens. After this year I'll take a break from Akron, I'd like to run something different in 2010.

I'm also registered for The Columbus Marathon. I was register last year, but had other obligations and could run. This will be my first year for Columbus full marathon.

That's it I was going to run Bobcat Trail Marathon but I have a catering gig and can't run. I have zero 50k's/ultras this year, next year I want to shoot for a 50 miler, maybe Mohican.

Cool Video shot with my kids in CVNP Tree Farm Trail

Check it out....

Post Note: I guess when I downloaded all my photos to a zipstick they come off my blog. opps...

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