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Monday, July 7, 2008

Green Lakes Endurance 50K

I found another 50K to run, it's in Syracuse/ Fayetteville New York. August 24, 2008 it's about 5-6 hour drive. I talked Mr. Rucci to go with me ( I need someone to make fun of on the way up) we're going to head up Sat. Aug. 23 the day before the race. I pulled this description from their website.

The Course
The 12.5 km course has a varied trail surface. Two ascents and one long descent traverse the upland forest. These steep shaded trails have some roots, ruts, and stones. The trails in the upper meadows are mostly grassy, rolling, and unshaded. The meadows are referred to as the Serengeti. Each lap's 4 miles of running in the Serengeti can make for a challenging summer ultra if Mother Nature offers a warm sunny day. The lake trails are shaded, have a few roots and are generally flat. Overall, the course lends itself to quick running without technical hikes.
Race start is the only time the runners will pass by the right side of the building. The runners will enter the main aid station and run around the left side of the building on each subsequent lap.

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