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Friday, May 8, 2009

J Christ Thursday Night Run...Aaaaamen!!!!

Before I blog about Jim Christ’s Thursday Night Trail Run, I want to clear up a few questions.

1. Is this a trail run for beginners? YES!! If you have be training and can run up to 60-90 minutes (5 or more), you’re ready for the trails.
2. Will I get lost? No Jim’s objective is to have everyone stay together. This is achieved by stopping at trail intersections, walking the hills and Jim & other runners will run slower runners back to the pack.
3. Will there be Veteran/ fast runners there? Maybe, but Jim encourages the veterans to introduce yourself to the new trail runners, run with them, and give some trail advice.

Picture this….
You just got off work, you got your favorite tunes blaring on the stereo, You’re going to meet the boys at Lock 29 and peddle out a nice hard ride on the towpath, then head over to the lizard for a few beers. Then you find out your that you left the key to your bike rack at work. No riding….What do you do? A) Go back to work and get your key. B) Head over to the Lizard and see how many beer you can chug before your buddies are back from the bike ride. C) Run trails with the strangers in the parking lot. Phil picked C. We recruited Phil to come run with us. We had 15 runners for the run. Real easy 6.44 mile run Lock 29 to Boston then back to Lock 29 on the Buckeye trail (Pine Lane). After our run we stopped by the Winking Lizard and watch a horrible Tribe game and an Awesome Cavs game. We also eat some food, and drank beer...Well I drank coke.

Sorry no pictures I forgot my camera. I’ll bring it next week.
If you’re looking for a brake from the road or new to trail running come out and get muddy with us.
Notes from Chef Bill:
· Eat your veggies!!!!
· If you are new to trail running even though it’s 60-90 minutes, bring water.
· If you are a veteran trail/road runner here’s a great second run for the day. Run hard in the morning then come join us for a nice easy trail run to add more mileage to your week.

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