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Friday, September 25, 2009


The buzz at this years Akron Marathon, to me, has been different. Different in a good way. With the help of Facebook it has been more exciting. Even my non-running friends are on board this year. Wishing me luck, and commenting about the race. I love when they ask the infamous questions, "So how far is THIS marathon?" I've been nice, "This only is 26.2 miles."

My first Marathon was Akron and I dedicated the run to my wife Jen. She put up with my crazy training schedule, shelling out money for shoes, socks & other gear, and dragging the kids to the finish line to cheer me on. Since then I've dedicated a race to different people who have some meaning in my life. Last year is was my dog Sara who pasted away during one of my training runs on the blueline. I remember the call as if where yesterday. I was on over by the Polymer Building on the campus of AU, My wife asked, "Can you come home?" I race as fast as I could back to Canal Park were my car was park.

This year I'm dedicating my run to Charles D. Ledbetter. He is the father of my long time friends Rick & Wendy Ledbetter. Rick & I have been friends since the first grade. I lost touch with him for about 15-20 years then with the power of FACEBOOK I found him! I found out his father was dying and Rick had a chance to see and say goodbye one last time. Charles passed away about a month ago.
After Akron I will be training on the Perkins Trail loop gearing up for BILLS' BAD ASS 50K. I do have Columbus to run so I have to mix some roads into my training. I'll like to see if I can set a new PR at Columbus (current is 3:57 from Akron). The BAD ASS 50K I'll like to get close to 6 hours.
I just saw the Run For Regis winter 50K in ready. I'll run that for my Birthday (Tanya save me bib # 43).
I have one more secret plan up my sleeve for Feb. 2010. I'll keep you posted....

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