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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Akron Marathon Bullet Points

  • This was my 4th Akron Marathon.
  • I dedicated this Akron Marathon run in memory of Charles D. Ledbetter. I pinned his picture to my shirt. At the start I said, "Come Chuck we're going for a 4 hour ride."
  • My brother-in-law Jason was suppose to come up from S.C. and run with me, but didn't make it up.
  • I signed Jen up for text message results to track my progress.
  • Arrived at the start at 5:30am
  • Drive up with Mike Keller.
  • My friend Robert Gurney, an old school mate was working there driving the SAG WAGON. I haven't seen him in 20+ years. Good seeing you Gurney!!!
  • Met Brett in the gathering tent and chatted.
  • E-Speed joined us for some pre-race chatting. She paced the 3:40 group.
  • Met VR Group and others from facebook for an early morning picture in front of St. Bernard Church.
  • CROWDED!!! Very crowded, I think the most I've ever see in the 4 years.
  • I carried my own fuel for the 1st. 6 miles.
  • I tried staying with the 4 hr. pace group, but I felt the pace wasn't consistent. I don't want to harp on this but last years pace was steady.
  • I caught up to Beth (or she could up to me) we ran a little through Firestone Park then she caught up with the 4hr. group.
  • Melissa was at Garfield waiting on her dad so she ran a block with me.
  • Saw my friend from Firestone Park...He is now Detective Pat Hunt (Sheriff Dept.). He was blocking traffic for us...Thanks Detective Hunt!!!
  • I was pushed by a RELAY (I'll be nice) DUDE. I yelled out some nice flowery words that were fitting for this section of Firestone Park (I wish the relay teams had another course to run. There are to many relay runners pushing, bumping, stopping, walking for the Marathon course).
  • Brett's family was at the end of the towpath waiting to cheer Brett on...Hi Guys!!!
  • Sand Run was OK I was still on track for 4:05ish
  • Same place every year...I fell apart in West Akron near the School.
  • I had to walk Garmin Hill this year.
  • I didn't get back into a groove until I hit Market street.
  • My Bib read...CHEFBILL ...a few people were yelling CHIEF BILL
  • Market Street seemed longer this year. My whole body ached running down this hill.
  • I look up ahead and found Beth. She stopping right before the turn on Main St because of cramping. I grabbed her and ran with her to the finish.
  • Unofficial time 4:17:01. It's not sub-four but it's still a good time for a salvaged training schedule.
  • NEXT UP COLUMBUS OCT. 18, 2009


Mike said...

OK, corrections

ESpeed paced the 3:40 group, not 3:50.

Beth stopped because of CRAMPING, not crapping. I think she will find this funny and not offensive.

Nice run CBill

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Thanks for the edit Mike.