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Monday, March 10, 2008

Road to No Where

My vision of this mornings run was an Arctic Hell. Dragging my Montrails strapped with Gators through the mounds of snow. As my snow dog, Monet, snuggled closer to my snoring wife as if to say, "Don't even think about asking me to run with you." I got myself up dressed made my way out to....Well I didn't have a plan, just find a clear path somewhere in the neighborhood. We cancelled the Sat AM long run, and Sunday I ended up at the Shamrock 15k promoting PURE FUEL . My weekly mileage was only 11 miles. Got to get back on track with my training. Hopefully with the time change I can have more opportunity to run in the morning and definitely in the evening. I want to start up the Night Crawler Trail run again. The Night Crawler run is an hour and a half trail run that starts at 9:00pm. I'll keep you posted.


Brett S. said...

Who canceled the Saturday Morning run? No one told those of us that showed up and ran. Cancel a run? Is that even possible?

My week was only 13 miles. I'm back on track this week though. I'm all for morning and evening runs but my traveling is insane. Leave again on Friday or Saturday.

Kim said...

Hey, everyone got a pass last week. Blizzards tend to cancel out runs.

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