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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What the hell was I thinking...

Thursday March 13, 2008
I saw a post on Vertical Runner message board about a group going out last weekend to run the Winter Buckeye Trail Route. Someone asked about trail conditions. I thought I would change my running plans to go checkout the trails. I haven't heard any chatter about anyone running the trails since the big snow storm. I left a response stating I would get a report on trail conditions.
I found two sets of tracks going into Pine Lane Trailhead.
The first set was from the deer (who live here), the second was a hiking boot. I didn't spot any trail shoes track. The snow was still deep in spots hard to move in I averaged about 12-14 min/miles.
This is normally a small trickle with some rocks to cross over.
My option was to climb over on this tree.
I describe this run like running in a 7/11 slushy machine. The trails were wet and slushy.
After soaking my feet in Buckeye Slushy Machine, I decided the towpath back to Lock 29. I thought I can't wait to get to the towpath, something runnable...It was a mess. It took me almost 2 hour to run 7 miles.
The best part of my run....I sat next to the raging Cuyahoga snacking on a PURE FUEL ORGANIC ENERGY BAR.

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