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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Trying to get back on track with my training. What a great evening for running. I ran to Glen's & the Gorge from my house once Jen got home from work. I was going to wear my Garmin, but it wasn't working. I thought it was broken. When I got back I placed it back on the charger and it charged up again. Maybe I left it on or something. Electronics & I don't get along very well.

The trails were awesome, nice and muddy. Most of the ice melted, the air had a cool/warm feel to it. When I would run pass some of the caves, and the river it was cool. Then once I would get into the middle of the woods it was warm. I didn't take my headlamp so I needed to get my run in before dark.
This route is about 6 miles.
I'll be back out here later in the week...If it's not to icy, we are suppose to get some freezing rain this week.

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E-Speed said...

I was looking at your top date and thinking were you running in the same state as I was last night then realized your run was muddy. It was a great evening to run! Really irks when it is followed up by an ice storm huh?