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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Night Crawlers

Logging in another night run. Brett asked me last Sunday if I wanted to run with him & Nick tonight. I knew I wanted to run another night run this week, so I agreed (Without checking with my wife Jen first bold move for a married runner.) Luckily I was in the clear to run. Jen said, "Just help tuck the kids into bed and you can go." I met Brett, Nick and Vince at 9:00pm at lock 29; We still had some light as we headed up to Pine Lane Parking Lot. Stock photo it was a little dark than this.

This is Brett's first night trail run and his first day in his new "Green Keen" trail shoes BRETT SEND ME A PICTURES OF YOUR NEW SHOES...(What's with the green running shoes? Mike also has a new pair of green road shoes now Brett's got green shoes too.) I need to take a trip to China to see if a can change the color palette. Vince had a new pair of Black Merrell Trail Shoes. Very cool shoe!!!

We ran Pine Lane towards the Boston Store (North). Instead of taking the towpath back, we ran down the service road to link up to the Valley Bridal Trail next to the turnpike. This gravel hill takes us back towards pine lane, but we continued on the Valley Bridal Trail towards another hill and headed back to Pine Lane Parking Lot. I thought I thought I had new batteries in my camera but they were dead. Brett happen to have a camera in his car (to big to carry on the trail run) but we got the after run group picture. I'll post pitures later.

We logged about 8 to 8.5 miles (I'm calling it 8) in 1:25. I thought it was a great run we all stayed together for the most of the run, the hills were more of a challenge for me tonight, there were a few I had to walk. Great loop to run in the day or night. I'll see if I can map it. We will be back out here next for another night trail run Wednesday Night Lock 29 Paring Lot 8:45pm run @ 9:00pm. See you there.

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