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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PIC (Parent In Charge)

Some of you know I'm PIC during the day. PIC (Parent In Charge), I was informed (By my wife) when we discussed having children that I would not be babysitting my own children. So we came up with PIC. The title of PIC comes with tons of responsibility. I have to revolve my running schedule around my kids. You'll fine me running at 5am before the kids get up for the day or 9pm just after bath time, stories and a short meltdown. Today will be a 9pm Night Crawler Run.

This after noon was all about the kids. My 4 year old wanted to go run in the forest with daddy. This is because I tell her about my trail runs. The animals I see, the water I splash in, the friends I run with.

We headed to Over Look Trail in the Summit County Metro Park. there's a short .05 mile loop that takes you to a deck that over look the Cascade Valley.

Over in the distance you'll see the Highlevel Bridge.

We counted 12 -15 turtles swimming in this area.

We found a bunch of birds flying in circles then diving into little holes on the side of this cliff.

Vince (Vertical Runner) lace up a pair of Brooks, Tori's ready for a 5k.

Vince, You can fit Collin in a pair of Merrell Trail shoes.


Rodrigo said...

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E-Speed said...

That's so cool that the kids wanted to run trails with you!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

What in cornbread hell are you saying?

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Tori's going to be a runner, I can tell.