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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Buckeye Trail 50K Training Run

Today's run was a training run for the first part of the BT50K July 14, 2007. We met at Boston Store then piled into cars to drive to Oak Grove in Brecksville. It's about 11.5 miles from Oak Grove back to Boston Store. The group consist of 16 runners, I ran with Brett Shivers who just finished up his first marathon in Cleveland. I conned him into running the Buckeye Trail 50K, I said I would run with him to make sure he makes it to the end. I didn't explain to the end of what...We'll have a few thing to work on to make sure he's ready for the trails. Pre-race fuel & hydration, and experiment with a different gel pack.
This is the last time we set eye on the group...BECAUSE OF BOB CLARK (FAST RUNNER). Brett & I were running about a 11-12 minute pace. Our cars were at the Boston Store so no one had to wait for us. The last 6 miles the rain started to come down at a good clip. we were soaking wet. It reminded me of being in the rain forest. Brett had on his favorite road shoes his was slipping and getting muddy. Brett http://www.verticalrunner.com/ They have some really nice trail shoes you can buy.

Here is Brett happy to see that it was raining

This is my favorite portion of the Buckeye Trail. It's the trail between Snowville & Columbia Rd. It reminds me of Muir Woods in Berkley CA with smaller trees.

Here me & Brett running the end of the trail towards the Boston Store of course it stopped raining.

I'm picking up the milage- 37 mile this week. Next week my plan is to do 40 miles most of them on trails and one or two night runs.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill it looks like you might have caught a picture of a mountain yeti in that one picture. It was wearing what appears to be a white hat though.

I guess you never know what you will stumble upon in the forest


Mike said...

Nice run guys! I like that section too.

Is Brett related to Regis Shivers and Regis Shivers Jr.? I have run with Jr.

Kim said...

That looks like a nice section of trail there!