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Saturday, June 2, 2007

SOLO Trail Running

I'm getting old...I thought today's trail/group run started at 6:30am. It started at 6:00am and of course they didn't wait for me!!! I ran a solo route on the Buckeye Trail to get prepared for the BKT50K. I started on initiation hill then took Buckeye Trail North. I ran all the way up initiation hill (4:08:42).

Mother Nature redirection, a few months again this portion of the trail started to slide down the cliff. After a few good rain storms two trees have been up rooted and have taken the trail with them. There were a number of runners out on the trail today. They must be getting prep for BKT50K . I didn't see any turtles today but I came across on deer running along the trail.

A beautiful sunrise (Drivers call this "sun glare")Here's one for Mike (fitfromfat) ...the camera is hanging from a tree branch.

There is 88 steps going down and because I was alone and have some time to kill I counted them again going up 1,088. Here's another trail that will be rerouted soon, it will be interesting to see how long the tree holds up.

Are you tired of running the towpath? Are you looking for a challenging trail to concur? Park at Boston Store and go North on the Buckeye Trail. You can travel as far as the Oaks Grove Trail in Brecksville.
I ended up running up the buckeye trail just past Boston Store (across Riverview Rd) to the ODOT service parking lot (Just before you head into Blue Hen Falls). I turn around then head back. Once I got back to initiation hill, I thought about running to Pine Lane Parking Lot, but I decided to run back up initiation hill to see if I could beat my time. I ran a 4:09 this time. I'll run with the group Sunday AM (BT50K Trail Run) after that I'll have 37 miles for the week.


Anonymous said...

VERY nice photos Bill! I like the idea of hanging the photo. I am not sure what initiation hill is....is that the hill on the road that Boston Store is in?

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Mike initination hills can't be explain, you'll have to run it. You most like know where it is, but we will run up some times soon.