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Friday, June 29, 2007

50k Training

"Chef Bill have you updated your blog yet?" I heard this a million times this pasted week. I've been really busy and had to sacrifice something.

Here it is....
Sat. 10/23/2007

I ran 8 miles with the VR Training Group that started at 7:00am from lock 29. Technically I ran with Melissa (She runs with us at the Wed. Night Night Crawlers 9pm Run) The group was way a head of us. We trotted along at a nice pace. Our conversation took us from talking about our training schedules to what our kids like to eat. It was all roads today, Riverview to Major Rd. to Akron-Peninsula back to Lock 29.

Tuesday 10/26/2006

Track Work Out

800 @ 5K Pace
1200 @ 5K Pace

2000 @ 10K Pace

1200 @ 5K Pace

800 @ 5K Pace
I did OK with the workout but I messed my watch up again. I need to hire a stopwatch person to keep my track/lap times. It was a hard work out, very hot almost 90. I drive to the track then ran back to Vertical runner with the group then ran back to the store. 9 miles

Wed. 10/27/2007

Night Crawlers

Chef Bill, Brett, Melissa, Tanya
A rainy run tonight. That's OK, Night Crawlers usually come out during the rain. We had to dodge some toads along the way. Don't worry no toads were injured or killed during this trail run. We has a few cool looking lighting shows that lite up the area. We ran our normally Pine Lane run. We added a new Night Crawler to our group...Tanya Cady She is training for the BT50K & is planning a few more ultra races in the fall.

Our Pine Lane run is roughly 8 miles and takes about 1:30.

Tanya & Chef Bill comparing fuel packs.

Brett said with my new pack I look like a Sherpa

Thursday 10/28/2007


I had to rearrange my running schedule. I had to get a back to back run in during the day, Thursday & Friday of this week. Back to Pine Lane...I started at 10:45 am and ran from Pine Lane to Snowville Rd. I thought I was running 16 miles...(I talked with Vince after my run, he said this section is a total of 19 miles NOT 16 miles)
Here is Pine Lane a very rooty section of trail. Some days it's fun run though to see how fast you can go, then there are other day when your on a long run and every step is a jolt of pain that runs up your legs. Your shoes are screaming to your feet, "stop the abuse!!!"

Trail Running At Its Best
Jaite Trail, 2 1/3 Miles so close but so far away.... I made it back to Pine Lane in about 3 1/2 hours. 100 oz. of water 2 gels and a cliff bar. Ready to do it again tomorrow.

Friday 10/29/2007

I didn't sleep very well last night I kept thinking about my run today. I feel OK, I'm a little sore but not overly tired. I decided to run from Oak Grove. This is the start of the BT50K. I talked with Vince about a turn around point, We came up with 10 minutes south of Snowville Rd.

You can't see it in this picture, but I'm holding my morning breakfast...Blueberry Cliff Bar.I started a little earlier today, 9:00am. I thought I would beat the heat. Once in the parking lot I came across a bunch of Boy Scouts. I was hoping to get out before they did. There had to be about 200 of them ready to hike. Once I got started I got lost (of course) I ended up at this cave. If you find yourself here when your running the 50K, your lost. Great place for a picture, but I have a lot of miles to cover, so i need to get moving. I got back on track and only lost about 10 minutes. I did run into the Boy Scouts I thought about asking for direction's, but I got back on track. I felt pretty good once I started move and I knew where I was going. I was fight bugs all morning, I'm talking monster bugs, Big ones that bleed.

I was running at a good pace I walked all the hills. I made it to Snowville in 1:20. I continued south for 10 more minutes then headed back.

On my way back I ran past a bunch of Marines at one of the picnic shelters. I felt like the alligator boy at a circus side show. They were all looking at me like they've never seen anyone run before. I didn't get a picture of the group out of fear they would chase me down and take my camera. I drank 50 oz. today. I knew I wouldn't have a water stop so I had to conserve my fluids. After my run I was beat. I got back in 2:55.


E-Speed said...

wow sounds like a great week! My track workout Tuesday sucked. Worse run since January! Yikes!

Missed you on the trails the past two Sundays! Sounds like you are ready for the 50K!

Brett S. said...

Good job getting in the miles... Nick and I put in 8 on Saturday (4 very fast as I finished in 28:40). Then the 23 on Sunday which ended up turning into a slow crawl to the finish line. We finished in like 5hrs 30min but I feel fine now unlike the last couple of weeks with fast running.

Note to self, don't race the day before a long run. See I'm learning

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Yes I'm ready for my 50K...
I'll see you there right??

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I'm burnt toast again. Great job on your race. I'll see & talk to you later.