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Sunday, June 10, 2007

SAT 5:30AM Trail Run & 7:00AM VR Group Run

5:30am is really early Vince!!! Despite the early time we had a great turn out for this mornings trail run. I don't remember how many I think around 10 or so...(Brett do you remember?). Vince put a lot of thought into this trail run. I asked him a few times during the week where we were running, once he said, "Where ever you want, it will be to early to think about it." We ended up running the same trail as this past Wednesday (Night Crawler Blog Post). Buckeye Trail: Lock 29 up to Pine Lane parking lot towards the Boston Store (North) back on the Valley Bridal Trail; Back towards Pine Lane parking lot.

I had camera issues again, so no picture for the trails.

There were some new faces running today. Some training for the Akron Marathon one of the girls I spoke with is training for Buckeye Trail 50K. We also had some familiar runners, Bob Clark (He's in the group I call the Gazelles), except today he wasn't running his fast pace. That goes to show you that when your training even the fast guys run slow sometimes. I think he ran slow because he is planning to run the Sunday AM Buckeye Trail 50K Training run. That's when He'll put on the gas. Another Ulatra Runner, Lindsay Ran with us. I met Lindsay last year on a long training run. Great Guy...I remember him coming back to run a few of us slow runners to the finish. He's training for BT50K. Brett who is also training for the BT50K & the Akron Marathon. More about Brett Later.

We had two "dirt-eater" (NO INJURIES, every one's OK) one new girl hit the ground hard banging up her shoulder. Another runner Mark made one of those stuntman rolls and jumped back up his feet then kept running. I hurt my ankle running down a hill(Not bad) . We ran 1:27 (8 miles).

We heading back towards Lock 29. I got some engery to run down the brick raod hill from Pine Lane. Lock 29 was packed we had a very large group this morning. close to 20 (Vince did you get a count?). I ran with Bett & Nick. Nick is the VR Trainer to runs with the 10 minute/mile pace group.

Here's part of the group just before our run started.

I got the camera to work as I was running so some of my shot are a little blurry.

We headed South on the Towpath towards Bolanz then back to Lock 29 (about 6 Miles)

When runners aren't running they stand around making fun of other runners. They were giving Brett some grief for sitting.Brett (Note to Self: Walk the hills in the 50K) Brett ran every hill for the trail run this morning so by the time we got to the Boston Store, he didn't have any gas left.

These ladies called me Paparazzi after taking this shot, I had to explain that because Paris Hilton was going to jail I had some time to kill, so I ending up in Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

I know it is a nice post when I am sorry I missed a run...bummer on this one.

Wish we were going to see you at Mohican this weekend, but I understand you being busy...

I will try to make you feel like you were there with my blog post!