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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Night Track Workout

I was running late tonight and I had to meet the group at Western Reserve track instead of Vertical Runner.

Tonight's workout: 6X800m with a 400m recovery. HARD AS YOU CAN ALL OUT!!!

Vince said run until you feel like your going to puke...Brett Here's a run for you.

1. 3:17:58

2. 3:36:04

3. 3:34:03

4. 3:49:97

5. 3:41:87

6. 3:43:74

Vince ran the last lap with me coaching me on the turning, telling me to work with my arms more, kicking my legs higher, and of course telling me to run faster. He also said I was holding back(Sandbagging) because I picked up speed on the last straight away.

Just because it rained doesn't give you guys a ticket out of track workout Mike The Mailman where were you? Mike Keller (FitfromFat) , I thought you said you were going to come out?

Tough workout, I had fun. I need to learn to push myself more. I think more about how far or how much more I have to run then about the lap I'm running.

9 mile total: warm up run, cool down run and to Vertical Runner Store and back to my car.


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Anonymous said...

I did run yesterday...but had to do it mid day to get the heat in....and then I had some other stuff going on at 6pm. sometimes that can be a hard time to run when you have kids, etc.

Good job on the 800's!