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Friday, June 8, 2007

The Gorge Metro Park Run

Man was it hot today. I took the kids on a bike ride, I have a mountain bike and a kid trailer thing that hooks to the bike. I rode around for about two hours. After the big storm I ran from my house to the Glens Trail & Gorge Trail for a little splash in the mud. I was having camera issues again so I don't have any of me running. Here's Glens Trail
To Mike & Vince (Or anyone else) find this rock...It looks like one of those Egyptian Sphinx
Again I was having camera issues, just before this shot there were 6 naked chicks showering under the water falls.

When we were kids we would climb on this pipe and walk across. No I'm not going to cross it today I have a 50K race to perpare for, I can't wake up in the hospital and find out I can't run anymore...I'll have Mike walk across the next time we run down here.
Today there is a foot bridge to the leftHere's a look at the gorge trail
Here's a look from above of the might Cuyahoga RiverAfter the rain this falls are rolling pretty fast.
I love running this trail, it brings back old memories coming down here as a kid with my family. The trail wasn't as muddy as I wanted it to be. I ran 6 miles 1:08:35.
I'll be up at 4:30am for the 5:30am trail run at lock 29. I'll log 12-14 mile then 8-9 on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos! I was out there....from 8pm to around 9pm. I know where all those shots are....and I will walk the pipe if it is dry.

I don't think I will make the morning...I just got home! Probably Sunday though!

E-Speed said...

awesome photos! What a gorgeous trail!