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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sat AM Group Run...Trail Running

Sat. June 16, 2007
I thought I would be the only one running this morning. There was Mahican 100 today and another Buckeye Trail 50K run familiarization run planned for Sunday June 17. Then add on the fact the run starts at 5:30am. We still had a group...Melissa, Beth and myself. When I pulled into lock 29 parking lot Melissa was out of her car stretching doing some yoga poses. I pulled up next to her car then I noticed she wasn't parking in a parking spot. It was in the middle of the lot. Once Beth arrived she asked about Melissa's parking skills, Melissa thought I had parked wrong...she said it was early, dark, and she wasn't awake yet. We waited for a few minutes to see if anyone else was going to show up. I didn't think we'd see anyone so we headed out. Our time was limited to an hour and a half. I would to make sure we got back so the girls could run with the second group at 7am. We head back to Pine Lane loop. I know I've be abusing the trail for the past couple of weeks, but it's a challenging portion of the BT50K and I know we can get back in time. We headed up the brick hill, then got going at a good pace (my best guess 9.5 to 10/minute mile).
We started to yak about the normal trail talk...we are all training for the BT50K & Akron. Then out of nowhere a deer ran up on its back legs and knocked Mellisa to the ground. (Just kidding...Melissa fell again) If your keeping track that's her 3rd fall in less then two weeks. She's still nursing a sort hip from our Night Crawlers Run. Beth began to talk about her new trail shoes. She bought a pair of Montrails, halfway into our run she started to blister on her heels. Her shoes didn't have Vince's special lock lace that prevents the shoe from slipping. She kept on running. It started to warm up once the sun popped out, then out of nowhere again a deer, this time charging down a hill like a run-away bull, Melissa was knocked over yet again (yes...She fell again...That's twice today and five in two weeks). She's now wants either, give up trail running or running with me. She thinks I might writing something in my blog about how many times she's fallen on the trail.

Once we hit the Valley Bridal Trail Beth's heels where bleeding (Sorry no camera today). We had about 20 minutes of running she took her shoes off and ran in her socks!!! Now that's hardcore trail running...We made it back to Lock 29 (1:29). Melissa went on to run the roads with the group, Beth had to nurse her blisters, and I had to prep for a 2pm catering gig.
Nick lead the 7am group on a 7-8 mile run. They had about 20 runners this morning.

Great run even though we had a few mishaps. Great to see two hardcore chicks determined not to let the trails beat them!!!

(Bloggers Note: Melissa has two children not one as I stated in my last blog)

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melissa said...

The deer and I have had a talk. I gently explained that I don't even eat meat! They apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.