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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Night Crawlers

Wed. June 14, 2007
Brett & Nick came up with a late night trail run. Wednesday Nights 9:00pm at Lock 29, run for 1.5 hours. We realized we were all coming out for the same reason. Brett has 2 kids Nick has 3 kids, my wife has 2 kids (just kidding). We're trying balancing our family lives with our running lives. It creates a happy medium between spouses. After getting the kids tucked in, we are now allowed to go play. Tonight I made it to the parking lot in time for Bretts call saying Nick is running late. This is OK no scheduling conflicts as long as I'm back by 6:00am before my daughter wakes up. Melissa met me a few minutes later. She's training for the BT50K & the Akron Marathon and also has a kid (I think just one). Nick & Brett showed up minutes later, Nick without him headlamp, so he was a using our lamps to see what he was tripping over.
We were waiting to see if Vince was going to show up, but after hecking and trash talking about him we started our run with out him. I found out later he ran with another group earlier. Now with Vince out of the way we schemed up a great plain to run Pine Lane Trail (same as last weeks) backwards. This would avoid all the hills, so we thought. OK so we avoided the two big hills, but they where replaced by other big hills that we would normally run down. Brett was still running all the hills (he's forgetting about his note to self "Walk the hills in the 50K." I'm going to start calling him the Hill Monster. Once we got to rt. 303 Brett & I started a sprinting race to the parking lot, Brett won. NICK BRING YOUR LIGHT NEXT WEEK!!!!!

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