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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Buckeye Trail 50K Training Run

Sunday June 17, 2007

This morning I had a flastback. Although I haven't had a drink in awhile, my body was telling me I had a hangover. 5:00am once I was up moving around I felt fine. Sat. was a long day...8 mile trail run (up at 4:00am) then catering gig until 8:00pm.
Today is the 16 mile BT50K familiarization run. I was the first one in the Pine Lane parking lot. I thought I was to early, a few minute later the parking lot was full. We piled into cars then headed to Oak Grove. Our run today was Oak Grove to Pine Lane. We had 25 people running today, Bob Clark, Rich Wisneski, Lindsay, Jim Chaney, Mel (from Vertical Runner) and her husband, and Kirk (He runs with Mike Keller). I had the privilege of finally meeting and running with some fellow Bloggers, Cindy(Sensationally Red), Elisabeth (E-Speed). make sure you check out red & e-speed blogs)
I teamed up with Brett & Nick, We had planned to run this while running Night Crawler. Once we started up with Dave, He's training for his first 50K, Elisabeth and her Friend Melissa. Elisabeth is an Ultra Runner, Melissa is a runner and I think is training for a marathon and may run the BT50K. We managed to get lost by missing the BT turn near the stables. We kept running the Bridal Trail when we started to notice things don't look the same. We headed back towards the stables to see where we missed our turn. Luckily Dave ran with us a few weeks again and had the trail history in his garmin. We ran about 1.5 miles out of our way. Once we got back on track I lead the pack at a pretty good clip and we ended up catching up with Red, Kurt, and their group. I asked if they got lost too, Nick said "Your fast lead made us catch them." He made me think about my pace so I slowed down a little so I wouldn't run out of gas. I did kick it back it to high gear when we were about a mile from the Boston Store.

Once we got to the Boston Store the hex was place on Brett once again. He looked like a Wet Walking Zombie He's on his 40 something mile for the week. He puked again as we were heading towards pine Lane parking lot. Nick and I were heading back to make sure he was ok then we see him running. He's trying to find out what's making him sick. Shotblocks, too much water, dehydration...
Great run we ran 3:25ish not bad for 17.5 miles. I had a plan to run later tonight after spending time with my kids for father's day, but the top of my eye lids were falling down towards my bottom lip. I was wiped out tired.
For the week I have 41.5 miles.


E-Speed said...

It was great meeting you! Hopefully I'll see you on the trails this Sunday too!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I can't run this Sunday I have a catering gig. I'll run Sat. AM for my long run.

Anonymous said...

I actually logged 48 miles last week. 8.5 more than my previous best. I guess 50 miles is next.

Thanks for all your support the last couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I couldn't enjoy your morning mishaps....and for the record...if you are going to be running with all these ladies on the trails, you really need a better camera! I wanted some photos! The chicks and the bloody feet...and sock running!

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I know...I wish I would have brought my camera, but as you know I'm having issues with it.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Check with Vince before you go and log 50 miles