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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My First Track Workout

Today I ran the VR Trainings Track Workout for the fist time. We had 7 people show up.
Our workout: 400m at 5K pace, 800m at 10K pace, 1200m at marathon pace. We ran this 3 times. I wasn't sure if I ran my true pace, but I had to start somewhere. I don't know much about running track. I avoided any type of running while attending school. I had a short experience with soccer, but because it involved running I drop out of it.
Just like marathon running and trail running there is method to this maddest. Vince came over and show me the proper form I should have while running track. there's more to it than just running really fast around an oval.
Here's my workout times: this is the time for each lap
1. 1:33:63 (This was a little faster than my 5K pace)
2. 1:47:65
3. 1:56:12
4. 1:55:06
5. 1:55:80
6. I missed my split button
7. 2:00:01
8. 1:58:96
9. 2:01:65
10. 2:03:99
11. 1:51:75
12. 1:59:12
13. 2:03:85
14. 2:05:00
15. 2:07:10
16. 2:03:32
17. 1:44:96
18. I missed my stop button
So there are my splits, I need work on finding out my pace times. After our work out we ran 4x400 then back to the store. I was really tired and sore. When I got home I stretched for a half an hour.

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