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Monday, July 2, 2007

Running with The Dawgs

It was a nice cool evening to run with the bitches Sara & Monet.
We headed out from the Boston Store north on the Buckeye Trail. A little over 10 miles round trip. The dogs ran like it was race day. They both started out fast then very slow at the end. I kept a nice slow pace to train for my 50K. A few times they would head into the woods to case something, I think chipmunks. I got them to pick up the pace, Sara was dragging ass for a little while. Once we got to Blue Hen she was done, She talked me into talking her down the hill instead of heading back onto the buckeye trail. We were out for about 2:00.
Crossing the bridge over the Cuyahoga River we came a cross this deer that wouldn't move.
I'll run about 20 more miles this week to finish up my tapering week. Great running weather this week temps are in the 70's. I'll get the bitches out again this week but only for a 5-6 mile run.
Also keep an eye on my website www.playingwithknivesandfire.com I have a new post for all to enjoy "recipe of the week"
I'll have all your favorite recipes posted.

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