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Friday, July 6, 2007

Boulevard To Boulevard

Thursday July 5, 2007
Saturday's your lucky day, Vertical Runner's MUDDY PAWS. Bring your dog out for a 2 mile romp in the woods. For time, course map, location visit Vertical Runner's website.

I received a call today from a writer for the Akron Life and Leisure Magazine. They are writing a story about training groups for the Akron Marathon. Vince was the first to be interviewed. He gave the writer my number. The article will be featured in the Sept. 2007 issue of Akron Life and Leisure Magazine.

Still in training for the Buckeeye 50K I ran what I call "Boulevard To Boulevard". Broad Blvd. to Chestnut Blvd. It's a nice 5.2 mile run that takes me through some residential neighborhoods. Here's the route MAP There were a lot of runners out tonight, maybe gearing up for the Akron Marathon or maybe seeing me running in the neighborhood all the time inspired them to get up and run!! (Mike I may have ran passed your neighbor TONY) I didn't take a camera today. My new camera is shipped out to the repair shop, I've be relying on my phone camera for the last few weeks. It's not as good, I can't get any good running shots. I also didn't take my tunes with me tonight. I had problems with the earbub headphones. Technology has not be good to me. I have to go out and get a new set to use in the BT 50K. I ran the 5.2 miles in 49.33. I wasn't running very hard, just enough to rid my body of all the four of July food I had to eat.

Friday PM I'll be out with Vince to mark the MUDDY PAWS Course, I'll run about 5 miles of the course. Sat. AM I'll be volunteering at MUDDY PAWS. I'm hoping to run 10-15 miles later in the day, but I have some family obligations which may cause my run to be delayed to Sunday. Hope to see everyone at MUDDY PAWS.


Brett S. said...

Radio for the Buckeye 50k? Come on I thought you were a trail runner. And on race day? What happened to relaxing and running with Brett.. I take it you are going to run fast and leave Nick and I to talk amongst our selves. Until Nick gets to feeling strong and leaves me on the trails alone so some phsyco can come and have his way. I see how you are.

Anonymous said...

Some 20 mile run comes up on your map...

Marking a course is generally not too fast...a lot of stopping and walking while marking depending on how you do it. My experience marking the Green loop at Mohican (11 miles) was only about 1 mile running...and 10 walking.

Anonymous said...

let me guess, you marked a lot of the course in fluorescent yellow? I was running through the area and saw a lot of the arrows. Sorry we missed you.

Sensationally Red said...

Nice seeing you at the aid station. I didn't recognize you without your hat! That and I was a delusional mess from that course. I had a blast, though.