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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Buckeye Trail 50K

Sat. July 14, 2006
Well technically they are letters...I have a new PR for my 50K- 6:09:44 (By my watch). I'll have to totally race report soon. Great Day! Great Race!
How do I feel today? I woke up at 6:30am crabwalked my way to the front porch for some coffee & the newspaper, then called Vince to see if he ran yet today, then ended up calling about running today.
Vince & I ran about 7-8 mile today from Pine Grove just past Snowville to pull markers and to cleanup the trail. I felt good running. I'm ready for more anyone want to run Monday PM???


Brett S. said...

I'm going running on Monday.. But I'll be running along the shore in Santa Cruz CA. Maybe even take a swim. Then again I only ran 20.. Great Job I'll send you some pictures. Posted one on my blog.

Maria said...

Congrats on the P.R. Bill-you ROCK!!

E-Speed said...

awesome job Bill! Aren't PRs great? :) Glad you were able to get out and run yesterday!

Bethrun said...

Awesome job Bill. Gotta stay close to home Monday night, but who's running Tuesday night...and doesn't anybody believe in running in the morning anymore????

Kim said...

GREAT Job Bill!!! Congratulations on the PR!!!!