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Friday, July 27, 2007

Akron Zoo Run

Jen (My Wife) wanted to take the kids to the Akron Zoo. I wanted to run. Then I said
"pack up the kids and I'll meet you at the Zoo." Said said, "OK"...(it was that your nutty/crazy OK). I mapped out my run to see what I was getting myself into. it's only 7.22 miles. Here's the Map . I thought it was going to be a hard run. It was pretty much flat only two major elevations. I spotted a blue blaze on a telephone pole. I found a portion of the Buckeye Trail behind the Zoo. There was no trail it was Perkins Park street. If you look at the map Perkins Park is the actual Zoo. We agreed that I would call and meet me at the gate. When I called they where still at home. I ran a few more roads then headed back to wait in front of the Zoo. What a great way to spin time with my family and still fulfill my running obligations.

Camera Update:
I got a letter today from the camera repair place. because there is a dent on the side of the camera the warranty is void. So for $163.00 I can get my $ 83.00 camera fixed.


Kim said...

That's funny, you called and they were still at home..lol
See you at BR Bll!

Anonymous said...

That is CRIMINAL on the camera. I would make them send it back to me...It is not worth fixing when you can get a new one for less.

I like mixing my runs in with family activities too. It is fun...and I like knowing that my daughters are aware of how Daddy is getting there.

Brett S. said...

They will send it back but in order to do that I'm sure there is a $20 delivery charge. I had the same thing happen with my old camera only they told me the cost before I sent it in so it tossed it in the trash instead.

Bill nice running with you this morning.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

it's $13 to send it back. I don't think I'll get it back. I'll put the $13 towards a new camera. By the way can you loan me $87?

Kim I was thinking I'd run close to hour and ten minutes It was closer to an hour when I called.

cancel Patty out for Grand Canyon. She broke her leg today.

Brett S. said...

How about I buy a plate of pasta from you during rockin on the river this friday?