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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Downtown To Downtown

Tuesday 7/10/2007
I'm hoping to get my camera back soon. My blogs aren't as fun without some photos to add to them.
I skipped track workout today to run the roads. (Sorry Vince I'll be back at the track next week). I ran a 13.32 mile route, Downtown Akron to Downtown Cuyahoga Falls. Here's the Map
I took a different route this time, I ran Sacket to Cuyahoga Street to Howard. Cuyahoga Street is a little tricky because your running on the street with the cars zooming around a blind spot corner. There is no room for error. No sidewalks, the curb is covered with over-growth & brush. Your forced to run with the cars. Is about 1/4 of a mile, you have to run it fast to get to the grass near the Valley View Golf Course. Once your past the golf course, it's all up hill then down hill to Howard street. I got into Downtown Akron all I could think about is The Pretenders song "My City Is Gone". I also had thoughts of the Akron Marathon, I'll be running again this year. Akron has a small portion of the Tow Path finished. There is a nice little walking park with a rubberized track and one of the locks. The water is disgusting!! It had a glowing florescent green color, it was awful looking. I'm hoping when the paths are connected they will clean up the water. I tried to run to Lock 3 behind Canal Park Stadium, but there was a locked gate. I had to travel up next to the stadium to get back to Main Street. Back on main I ran up hill to High Street toward the Akron Police Dept. I found some energy to pickup my speed to run towards North Akron. This turn out to be a bad mistake, I ran out of water. I only took 40 oz. of water & sports drink. I was hurting by the time I got to State Road & Broad Blvd. I thought if I could get to Downtown Cuyahoga Falls, they would have a drinking fountain. No Dice...No water until home. I took a break and walked to Schwebel Bread Factory before I started to run a slow pace back home.
I'll run a few more short runs with week before my 50K Sat.


Anonymous said...

bill there is a shortcut down a trail and through the ball fields to eliminate the need to run that DANGEROUS section of Cuyahoga Street. i ran it once, and never will again. It is a great hill to go up, but I have other as good or BETTER! Tony reminded me of a great hill street with almost zero traffic.

I can show you the shortcut, or map it and email it to you! let me know.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I think I know of the ballfield. I'll have to fly my google-map plane over it to see.