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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two More Days

Two Days until Buckeye Trail 50K. As Sponge Bob would say "I'm Ready...I'm Ready....I'm Ready...."
Camera update. I called the camera repair co. Thursday, they said they sent my camera to Fuji Co. and it will take another 4-6 weeks to return. So no camera for awhile. I may use my phone again.
My wife has a new job and a new work schedule. I got of the house by 4:30pm to run
Thursday. I ran a 5 mile (47:14:08) High-bridge & Signal Tree Trail in the Cascade Valley.
Although it rained earlier in the day the trails were dry. I spent the day helping the kids make signs to hold during my grand 50k finish. I also did some scouting for Vince. He got an email stating that Riverview Rd. was closed. I drove down to check. The road is closed just before Boston Store. There is bridge work in progress. Alternate directions can be found on the Buckeye Trail website. I made my run easy to gear up for the 50K. I did run the hills. The signal tree trail has one of those hills we all love-to-hate-to-run. I must say I'm getting stronger at running to hills, not faster just stronger. Completing the full run up the hill without walking. While running this hill I thought of a project...I want to document and rate the hills in the area (when I get my camera back). Of course not ALL the hills; we do live in SUMMIT County. Just the ones we are familiar with. Initiation Hill, Oak Hill & Plateau Trail, Major Rd. Quick Rd. Just to name a few. I can only think of one man who will be willing to accomplish this task with me...MIKE KELLER
Yes the fearless ultra runner who would run barefoot through through the Burning River 100
with bricks tied to his shirtless back, sipping tomato & orange juice while eating broccoli & cabbage sandwiches with horseradish on fresh baked sourdough bread.

HEY Mike I got another Idea.....


Brett S. said...

Come on Bill. Nick and I love to run hills. Actually I could start/stop the garmin at the top/bottom of the hills and determine slope/distance/elivation change for each of them the next time we run them. I could probably even pull this off of previous runs.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I was going to name you, but your the "HILL MONSTER" I can't keep up with you on some of the hills. But you do have GPS. I'll put tacks in your shoes to slow you down.

E-Speed said...

Good luck this weekend Bill! See you Saturday!

Mike said...

Yes, Good luck Saturday! I wish I was with you guys.

And you know I am on for any hill project you do. Hills will be a major focus for me after the BR, both to gear up for Akron marathon, and my eventual goal of running an entire 100 mile race, without walking any hills!

Mike said...
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