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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sat. AM Group Run

Sat. July 28, 2007
Another big group this morning. Most of us are all gearing up for the Akron Marathon. The scheduled run was 14 miles, we have a lady running with a GPS, she said we ran 15.5 miles today. I stuck with Coach Nick today. We ran towards the back of the pack. LSD...No it's not ACID. LSD "Long Slow Distance". Our group broke into two groups again, Vince had the Gazelle running at a good clip. Coach Nick & I made sure the other runners know which way to go. We ran the towpath, roads, the Bike & Hike trail, the carriage Trail, then back to the towpath.
Nick & I are making plans to run portions of the Akron Marathon during the week. This will be Nick's first Akron Marathon. Our first run will be Thurs. Aug. 2 at 5 AM.

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