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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Burning River 100

Aug. 3-5 2007
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
What a weekend!!!! History was made this weekend in Northeastern Ohio. A) Was it because Tiger won the Bridgestone Invitationals? B) Legendary Cleveland Browns lineman, Gene Hickerson, finally was inducted into the Football Hall Of Fame? C) 1,800 Twins flocked to the city of Twinsburg? D) None of the above. The answer is D.
Friday night as 1,500+ party-goers packed Cuyahoga Falls River Square for a Queen Tribute Band concert, inside the River Square Pavilion 200+ people(runners, family, friends and Volunteers) gathered for a pre-race dinner for the first Burning River 100 Endurance Race.
I was able to bring two of my favorite passions together. My love for food & running. I was honored to have my company Playing With Knives & Fire provided the catering services for the event. We all fueled our bodies on a carb loading wheat pasta, salad and 400 cookies.
Rob Buckeye Powell with me (Chef Bill Bailey)
"Rob thanks for the picture"
After cleaning up and unpacking my catering gear, I hit the hay so I could get up early to drive to Squires Castle. I wanted to see the start of the race, mingle with the racers, and wish good luck to my friends.
Saturday 3:30am my alarm alerted me to get up!!! It was very loud...I managed to get up, and head out the door on-time. I wasn't sure where I was going, I know the area but never been to the castle.
After the race started Vince, Tim the rep. from Teva and myself went for a 1:55 run. We didn't run with the racers, we didn't want to get in there way. Vince was familiar to the area so he lead us on a 10-11 mile trek to "Trailsville". I had no clue where we were going.
We talked Tim into going with us. He had the usually question we all have when your running with someone new. "Where are we going?" "How fast are you going to run?" "How many mile?" We answered his questions as any runner, we lied to him... "We are just going to loop this little flat trail, no hills..." "Don't worry Vince doesn't run fast." "We will only run about 3 miles." After our run I headed back home to prep for Sunday's Post-race Breakfast. I chopped up some fruit, shopped for last minute ingredients, staged and packed the equipment. I headed to the finish line (Falls River Square Plaza), at 5 pm.
Burning River 100 2007 Finish Line Volunteers
I staged all the equipment that I needed for the breakfast. At one point during the day I looked at the temp. 93 degrees!!!! I was thinking to myself "I hope every one's drinking plenty of fluids." I also helped Vince, Mel & Todd setup the finish line. I called Jen (My Wife) at 6pm to ask what her plans were. She wanted to go home and get some rest before breakfast. I told her I was staying at the finish line to watch the racers run through. She's done with calling me crazy, She knows by now that I come up with some off-the-wall ideas and this is just one of them.
We had cell phone communications at the last two aid stations. We were updated on who was running to the finish line. To see Mark Godale run through the finish line at 16:07:10 was awesome. I am glad to have been there for that moment. Then to see Michael Hayden, the seventeen year old, race through at 19:13:12 was equally impressive. More impressive he hung out at the finish line like he just finished a 5K. You can see all the results at www.burningriver100.org. I can't remember what time I made coffee but that's the fuel that keep the volunteers from falling a sleep.
I started to setup for breakfast at 3:30pm(my 24 hour mark) to keep myself awake. After setting up all the equipment, I left to pickup the food. I started to cook the eggs & pancakes at 6:00am. Everything was going smooth. Jen & Sara kept the food and beverages stocked I cooked the eggs & pancakes. It started to rain, just a sprinkle at first then at the end a nice little down pour. The plan was to have the award ceremony in the amphitheatre, but because of the rain we moved inside the pavilion. After 34 hours my body finally told me to take a nap.
I am so glad I was a part of this event, I'm looking forward to next year.

Training for a 100 mile run takes months of hard work. The race committee did a great planning a course that all runners in NE Ohio can be proud of. As I mentioned before, this race should be challenging to run. We shouldn't have Ultra runners saying "Lets run BR100 it's an easy course to run." It should be hot, hilly, muddy, muggy, and tough for all who dares to race it.
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E-Speed said...

The food was terrific! Thanks for all your hard work this past weekend!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Cool posting! Love it. Thanks for all your work at BR. continue your PRs at the races.