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Monday, August 20, 2007

Dawn Crawling Run

Friday Aug. 17, 2007
I know I don't have to ask the question but I will any way...Have you ever have a morning, you plan an early run, your alarm is screaming at your eye lids to get up. Your thinking... "Do I really need to run today? "I could run longer tomorrow...wait I'm already planning a 18 mile run...that won't work." Maybe I'll feel like running when I get my shoes on..."After I run another mile I'll feel better". My Morning was Crap!!! I planned to run 8 miles, my pace was 9-10 min./miles. I was tired. After running about 3 miles I know I wouldn't feel any different if I kept going. Instead I ran my 5 mile neighborhood loop. I crawled back to the house and flopped on the couch. I do have to give myself a little credit; I did get out of bed, I did put my shoes on and I did run.

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